Monday, March 10, 2014

Bush-wacker interloping at this year's Indy 500...

Alrighty, this is slightly old news by now; but hey! Y'all know how your humble scribe rolls here at No Fenders, right? As I wanted to get the McLaren Scottsdale story out pronto...

Thus, tuning into the worst Sports Yackity-Yak program last Tues morning on the dial my ears perked up when I heard Somme-thun' about doin' thee "Double;" Huh? As the Sports Dash Talking Heads droned on 'bout Kurty "F BOMBS R-US" Busch's announcement that he'll attempt to become only the fourth driver ever to complete the Indy 500 and Charlotte 600 on the same day this May; trying to join the likes of "Gentleman John," (Andretti) 'SMOKE (Tony Stewart) and Robby "Dirtmann" 'Gordoun, (Gordon) with Gordoun's attempt last occurring in 2004.


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