Monday, March 17, 2014

Have Y'all seen My watch?

Although the situation isn't funny, nevertheless I found some sort of maudlin humour over the report of Jules Bianchi being mugged over his wristwatch whilst in Gay Paree recently. As there seems to be something lacking to the story, or better yet why he felt so compelled to be wearing a $70,000 Euros timepiece to begin with eh?

As the report also brings me the first chink in Monsieur Bianchi's armour, that he was assailed while smoking a cigarette, as I'd think that a top-flight F1 driver such as thee young Jules would know the afflictions to his health smoking most certainly will bring him? As Jules is currently one of the four F1 drivers I'm most intrigued by these days..

Then again, I'm not expecting the 24yr old Frenchman to go all Uncle 'Bernaughty on us - Yuhs know when the battered 'N bruised Messer Bernard Ecclestone turned his watch mugging episode into a commercial and probably even got a new  wristwatch thrown in to boot; Hmm? Wonder if he'll be sending the German Prosecutors any Hublots  as Easter presents this year?