Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hamilton goes Gang man style in ‘Joisy...

Nope! NOT that Hamilton, as in thee young “Louise ‘JAGUAR” whose settled upon the fortune ‘N fame of the Silver Arrows beginning next year, and barely squeaked  out a points finish in Korea where he’d been busy spinnin’ his latest TWIT-ER foopah ‘Brakeman Bill style, or was  it Gangsta style? As guess what Louis? I DON’T follows Yuh either; Hya! As I simply Don’t do the TWIT-ER thingy period!

Instead this ‘lil yarn focuses upon a different Hamilton back in an ear when there weren’t any electronic aids and the printing press was the way of making friends & influencing people...

As I’m talking ‘bout that DAMN HAPPY BASTARDO learing at Yuhs every time you hand over somebody a ten dollar denomination... As in a one Mr. Alexander Hamilton; as I’m certainly NOT suggesting anything, yet; perhaps Uncle Bernaughty will wish to choose his words more carefully in the future when it concerns New Jersey and Leo Hindery in particular, as  perhaps Lord Bernardo is unawares of the Hamilton curse?

According to folklore, and most notably a great ‘lil book I’m reading at a snail’s pace, (especially when stopping to poond out these Award Winning ‘Blob stories; Hya!) Called “They Went That-a-Way,” written by Malcolm Forbes in 1988, I was totally unawares of how our $10-bill poster boy’s death occurred...

Apparently Messer Hamilton, (not Lewis) born in 1757 was  a harshly critical person both in speech and print, and so infuriated his colleagues that he decided to resign from his cabinet post as Secretary of the Treasury in 1795.

Thus in his typical aplomb, Alexander apparently was overheard pronouncing Aaron burr basically unfit for duty as the Governor of New York just weeks prior to the election, with his comments being printed immediately and Burr losing the election.

These printed remarks so infuriated Burr that he categorily believed that they had caused his defeat and so enraged - challenged his antagonist to a duel! Yet Hamilton, who’d previously lost a son to this very type of endeavour, had successfully weaseled his way out of many a prior duel by publicly retracting his statements as he wasn’t a man of violence.

But this time Hamilton’s carefully guarded printed apology was to no avail, especially since he really never said he was sorry and Burr wouldn’t back down from his demands.

Thus, in the early morning hours of July 11, 1804, Hamilton and his doctor set off aboard a ship to cross the Hudson River, where Alexander met the waiting Burr upon the bluffs of Weehawken, New Jersey... Perhaps somewhere upon what now has become the Palisades? Hmm? I wonder if there’s any sort of roadside historic marker.

At 7AM that fateful day, Hamilton, who’d previously told others he’d let Burr fire first before firing into the air met his upset nemesis Aaron upon a bluff some 20-feet high, six-feet wide and 20-paces long; where the two men took ten paces before squaring off.

Yet unlike the movies, both men faced each other with their pistoleros drawn and simply fired at each other when the command was given. Burr shot first, hitting Alexander in the chest, cracking a rib and piercing his liver before the bullet came to rest in a vertebra.

Lying face down, Hamilton told his doctor his wound was mortal and to take him away from there before history recorded him as dying upon the shores of Weehawken that fateful day... His doctor obliged and Hamilton was taken back across the Hudson River to New York where he died the following day from his wounds at the age of 47.

Meanwhile Burr fled to the south and 32-years later on his deathbed when asked if he wished to atone for any sins, smugly said, no I have nothing to fear.

Thus isn’t it funny how somebody so callous, rude and arrogant should ultimately wind up with his mug plastered upon our modern currency? As perhaps Mr. E. should take heed to the legend of Weehawken, whilst perhaps the track’s organizers should name the appropriate piece of ‘Ash-fault “Hamilton Corner...”