Thursday, October 11, 2012

F1: Suzuka 2012 Highlights

Otay, I just finally wrapped-up watchin’ the Memorex yesterday - which funny enough I cringed once again when SPEED had technical difficulties with its broadcast late in the race thinking OH SHIT! Here goes my vintage Panasonic VCR once again... WHEW!

Thus although this is Juan ‘O my favourite racetracks - and the action ontrack was fairly good overall, most notably rejoicing over ‘Fredrico Suave’s L1 demise, nevertheless I found the race somewhat dull, albeit I found myself gripped, crossing fingers and chanting DON’T YOU LET HIM PAST KOBAYASHI! As I like ‘JENSE; BUTT! Simply wished to see ‘K-Squared (Kamui Kobayashi) claim a most memorable & deserving podium at Suzuka instead... After all, it would be Kamui’s debutant podium and only third time ever for a Japanese driver in the history of Formula 1; previously being achieved by Aguri Suzuki and some IndyCar dude known here at No Fenders as ‘Taku-san, nee Takuma Sato...

I was also extremely pleased for Felipe Massa’s sake to see him snap la Scuderia’s driver non-podium streak at 35-races, as it seemed somewhat funny, albeit ironic to have an ex-Ferrari Grand Primo Piloto interviewing a current  ‘Juan on the Suzuka podium... After last having seen Alesi doggedly trying to drag his recalcitrant Lotus; Err ‘Luddi-lump around the Speedway this May...

As surely the drive of the race has to go to Kobayashi, although the race weekend was entirely dominated by Master Zebb, as it appears to Mwah the world championship title wave has surged into Sebastian Vettel’s favour, as the German is now just a scant 4-points adrift of Fernando Alonso with five races remaining, next up being this weekend’s Korean GP, which I seem to recall the Red Bull’s have been ‘Uber competitive at previously; while hopefully Massa’s and Kamui’s performances will be enough to secure their futures in F1 next year at their respective employers...


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