Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rioting continues in Bahrain

While the F1 Circus wings its way to Suzuka Circuito for this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, unrest continues unabashed in the tiny Kingdom of Bahrain, where riot police have once again killed another protestor...

“Bahrain’s largest Shiite political bloc, Al Wefaq, said the security forces killed the boy, Ali Hussein Niema, 17, when they fired birdshot — used often by the riot police in Bahrain.”

This is not to say that Japan doesn’t have its own issues, most notably its continuing unrest over the restarting of the countries offline nuclear reactors - not to mention some ‘lil Islands controversy with China...

Yet, why does Formula 1 continue to include Bahrain upon its racing calendar? Not to mention its pretty ironic that the FIA’s  World endurance Challenge (WEC) just hosted its inaugural 6hrs of Bahrain Sports Car race against the backdrop of continuing police brutality for the past 20-months, with at least 50-people being killed... As Niema’s death comes after reports that police had previously murdered a 16-year old demonstrator!

As somehow I highly doubt that either presidential candidate will discuss the matter in tonights or any of the theatrical debates to follow...

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