Monday, October 1, 2012

Mercedes gets their Man, McLaren signs rising Star and Sauber & Ferrari wonder What If?

So I cannot say I’m surprised; BUTT! I was overly surprised to read the news upon my return from down south that Louise ‘JAGUAR Hamilton had done the unthinkable and signed with the Silver Arrows for 3-years vs. re-upping with the proven winner and potential World Championship caliber McLaren F1 team instead...

As I don’t wish to proclaim I’m some sorta soothsayer or what, but I had a really weird feeling whilst listening to Hamilton’s winners speech over his in-car radio on the cool down lap at Monza, Italy, as his voice sounded totally strained, lethargic and unduly flat when thanking the ‘boyz for winning the Italian GP; as I now ponder if Lewis was already gone upon that victory? As obviously I’m not always right, and constantly worry ‘bout reading too much into what I hear, but; as a visually impaired ‘vurd Bothcerer - this is how I read body language, so to speak.

The second thought I got upon having ‘Lucy, my es-STEAMED! Screen-reader read the multiple posts upon this transaction is that this move was the only way to gracefully jettison DER TERMINATOR, nee Michael Schumacher, who I once was a Gynormous fan of; I mean; HELL! I went all the way to Der Fatherland to see my Hero race at thee Nurburgring, not to mention most likely being the first ‘Warshintonian to visit the Schumacher museum in Kerpan; Ja Volt!

Thus, I’m just left wondering if Hamilton took advantage of this monetarily, since he wanted either to keep his current salary or preferably a larger cheque from the fine folks at Vodafone... While it apparently takes a world champion to replace Herr Sckewmacher, Ja-Ja? As recall it was thee ‘Kimster who took Michael’s seat at la Scuderia in ’07.

Meanwhile, I’m even more impressed over McLaren having the ‘Kuhuna’s to hire Sergio Perez, who I’ve been ultra  high upon ever since his hiring at Sauber, who’s lynchpin ‘N founder Peter Sauber has seemingly always had a knack for spotting talent and providing it drives at his Minnowesqe Formula 1 team. Just think of the name Raikkonen, and you get the idea, eh?

Thus I’m now happy I’ll get to see; ‘Whale at  least hear Schumacher Zoom-Zoom by ‘Juan last time in a Formula 1 racecar, which according to my unofficial count will be my seventh occurrence, which is great, since I think Michael has some affinity with the number seven?

As I really hope Hamilton can make a success out of Mercedes - as it’d be GURR-REAT to have another challenger to the B-I-G 3, aka Red Bull, McLaren & Ferrari; yet I just haveda wonder if Lewis simply took the cash over a title contender instead?

Yet there’s one angle which hasn’t been explored, although I don’t think it’s an overall factor, but; realize that the sport is supposedly changing engine formulas in 2014 to a downsized V-6 turbo layout with past scuttlebutt suggesting McLaren will go a different engine route when it’s current Mercedes Benz engine contract expires... Although I certainly expect McLaren to continue remaining at the forefront of the F1 grid, nevertheless, could there be some sort of “Silver” lining in Lewis’s decision to jump to McLaren’s engine supplier’s “Works” team?