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Bernard Bucked from IndyCar...

Bucking bronco rider in action at rodeo, Strathmore, Alberta, Canada. (Source:
Yeah, I know Y’all are looking for some riveting recap upon the announcement heard ‘round the Open wheel Racing world last night... As I first heard the news on Speed Centre yesterday afternoon, albeit there seems to be some sort of weird pecking order, as the “Breaking News” upon IndyCar came second after you guessed I-T! The latest race in ‘RASSCARLAND’s Chase; BARF!

And it was funny how I wasn’t even shocked or surprised to hear that Randy “The CandyMann” Bernard had been fired, dismissed  or resigned; take your choice - as CEO of the Indy Car Series immediately, especially since NOBODY at Hulman & Co, especially Jeffery “the Walrus” Belskus didn’t have his back since last June...

NO, I was mostly just genuinely mystified; WTF? What in thee HELL is going on at the board of Hulman & Company? As seriously? You’re gonna throw away three years of life support recessitation by a brash, young, new Bull rider? 

Thus, I awaited Robin Miller’s interview on Wind Tunnel, which seemed pretty lame, since it was just a short call-in segment once again followed after you guessed I-T! ‘RASSCAR’s CEO Mike Helton co-hosting the first half hour and pooh-poohing NASCAR’s anemic concussion policy...

Then I waited ‘N waited to hear what The Freaks’ had to say about I-T! As first my usual Sports Byline web link wasn’t working again. Spent copious amounts of time trying to find another source via the Speed Freaks affiliate page and stumbled into the middle of Curt Cavin’s interview which the BLEEPIN’ FOX station in Grand Rapids, Michigan interrupted with a weather/hurricane update; URGH! Thus I waited for the 3hr; HEY! May be that should become Indy Cars new theme song, i.e.; Gilligan’s Island, as I definitely feel like we’re on a Three Hour cruise! As there sure AI’T NO Freakin’ Skipper at the helm right now, right? As I only wish that Mr. Belskus could stomach up the courage to rationally explain the Board’s decision; Chirp-Chirp! Is this thingy on?

As I got to hear the entire Cavin interview wrapping up around 10:30PM Pacific - which was all in a vain attempt to add my two-pesos worth contribution to Ye ‘blogosphere, which naturally all of the east coast Bloggaratzi had beaten me to the punch upon...

As I don’t know ‘bout Y’all; BUTT! First, not one, but two top ranking officials, nee ‘TG & Bernard are fired within nine days of each other... And secondly, who in their right mind would want to become the next CEO of Indy Cars? Because if its some shining light like ‘Ol BillyBob Brazenheartz, (Brian Barnhart) Terry “Whereas duh Beef” Angstadt or any other YES-man, then perhaps its time to cue up the old Disco Ball, turn on the bubble machine, join in a rousing hand of ‘Ol crooner Dandy don’s “turn OUT the Lights, the party’s  OVER!” And throw in thee towel...

As I don’t know ‘bout Y’all; BUTT! I’ve already lived thru one Split, and I don’t wanna go down that road a second time, as I’m too embarrassed right now to say I’m an IndyCar Fan! NOT to mention how long I’ve adored Open wheel Racing stateside... As perhaps David Hobbs summed it up best by noting how IndyCar has a longstanding tendency to machine-gun themselves in the foot when it comes to leadership!

Thus I really have nothing more to say on the matter other than:

As surely we’re the laughing stock of motor racing right now! And we’re gonna send in Barney Fife to clean up the mess? Oh, where’s Sergeant Schultz when Yuhs needs him, as in: I KNOW NOTHING!

As the part I found funniest; Ha-Ha? Was how in Curt Cavin’s IndyStar piece above the very first link my screen-reader came upon was an advertisement to BUY tickets for Indy Cars; WTF? Why in the HE-Double Hockey Sticks would I wanna buy tickets for this Gong Show! Not to mention becoming a potential sponsor of the series? I mean talk about the Cult of Negativity; Oh Never Mind!

SPEED FREAKS: Curt Cavin interview

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