Thursday, October 18, 2012

F1: 2012 Korean GP Tidbits

Whenever I think of the Korean Grand Prix, I immediately flash back to staying up into the ‘Wee hours at Blogmeister Miguel’s Houseianda during the inaugural race when it poured buckets ‘O precipitation, causing a real Red flag and seeing the Pace Car run P1 the first 17-laps! Not to mention I believe Willie Buxom scribbled about there being snakes ‘N mosquitoes for the photographers to look out for; Aye Karumba! Not to mention reading ‘bout how one team’s refrigerator had the exact same food they’d left in it when they returned a year later...

Cannot say the race up front was overly great, albeit it was a bit of a shocker that Mark ‘Handlebarz Webber was on Pole over Master ‘Zebb, eh? As the Red Bulls seen to now have once again become thoroughly dominant! As I expected nothing less than Vettel winning the race, although the action behind was quite entertaining with lots of great scuffles over positions...

And since I like ‘K-Squared, (Kamui Kobayashi) I won’t repeat what ‘JENSE nicknamed him, while Romain Grosjean stayed out of trouble and now should be firmly out of the spotlight since several others have done their bestest “RoGro” impersonations, eh?

and I found myself not only laughing out loud, but even had a goofy grin on my face when the telephone rang at the end of the race; as I totally think that Red Bull was worried that Seb would go for another Grand  Slam and potentially throw the victory away... As the in-car radio transmissions vs. ‘boothBoyz comments were most entertaining... Pleading with Vettel by saying you won’t know when your tyre goes until its too late which the delayed message was played after he’d just set  his personal best first sector time.

And it wasn’t surprising at all; BUTT! Overly disgusting that once again Felipe Massa was ordered to slow down via a very pointed radio message given by Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley. Yeah, I get I-T! Alonso’s the fair haired numero uno & fighting for the driver’s title; yet let’s please give Massa a chance next year, ok?

As you’d like to believe that Red Bull really is letting its two drivers  race against each other regardless of title contention; as now with four races left it suddenly looks like its Vettel’s title to lose.

And in a perfect scenario, he’ll make history by clinching his third consecutive title in Austin, Texas... Joining the likes of only Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher; which would be a great passing of the guard at my last grand prix for the foreseeable future...