Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Don’t miss out upon Robopong 2012...

For those of you in the wonder state of Indiana, or within easy driving reach and in search of scratchin’ your Open wheel Racing itch over the long half year winter’s hibernation of Indy Cars, then perhaps Y’all will wanna check out this weekend’s robopong 200 at the ‘diz’s (Mark Dismore) racetrack known as New Castle Motorsports Park.

This endurance style Go-kart event features IndyCar headliners ‘FAST EDDIE, (Ed Carpenter) Joseph Newgarden and Jay ‘funnyman Howard; while I’d still expect a surprise visit from ‘Gentleman John Andretti? After all all proceeds from the 65-foot Ferriswheel go towards his favourite charity cause, Riley’s Children’s Hospital; with rumours of Dave ‘The King Wilson also being on hand.

Check out the website link below for more details upon this karting classic slated for October 13-14 at;