Friday, October 26, 2012

Uncle Bernaughty: Another year Older, another year wiser?

Ah, isn’t it nice that the fine  folks at BayernLB, the German bank that imployed the former head risk assessment officer Gerhard Gribkowsky have sent out Uncle Bernaughty, nee Lord Bernard Eccleston an early birthday wish by announcing via the London newspapers that they’d really like to have a few hundred more pounds deposited into their coffers from the sale of Formula 1 six years ago... By stating they plan to sue Mr. E for a cool quarter of a Billion pounds; ($400m) SHEISA!

As this birthday wish arrived early in the post a scant three days before the OLD CODGER turns 82 - as most likely he’ll be celebrating in New Delhi on Sunday after some F1 race called the Indian Gran Prix - when he turns 82...