Friday, October 12, 2012

102 and still Running Strong!

Margaret Dunning of Plymouth is a generation older than her 1930 Packard 740. Photo by Mike Cardew / Akron Beacon Journal. ) Source:
And that AIN’T 102 Octane I’m talking ‘bout either...

Having stopped ‘N looked at that Packard limousine at America’s Car Museum gave me cause to banter on ‘bout this crazy O-L-D woman; who I’ve read about before as she seems not only quite popular, but also making the rounds at many classic car shows too...

And I don’t know why the word Octogenarian has been stuck in my head lately whilst thinking ‘bout her, especially since I do know my el spanol numeros up to Ocho; BUTT! When telling the story to Mary Ellen; I’m most certain that if I’d bantered on ‘bout this Octogenarian driver who’s 102-years old; CRIKEYS! Surely Mary Ellen would have shot back you Moron; Hya! You must mean Centenarian Tomaso, since Octogenarian’s are 80-year olds...

So just who am I talking about, eh? ‘Whale as I mentioned above, she’s 102-years old and still drives her fleet of classic cars. Not only that but, she changes her own oil & spark plugs too! Her name is Margaret Dunning who resides in Plymouth, Michigan, a life long ‘Michigonian and her pride ‘N joy is her vintage 1930 Packard model 740 Roadster, which the CAR is an Octogenarian, not the driver; Hya!

Her car is 82. She's 102. Both still going strong

And while searching for more details upon Margaret’s other classic cars, which I think I read about her first in the New York Times, I stumbled upon the fact that this Centenarian Trailblazer has just landed herself a surprise full scholarship to complete her business degree at the University of Michigan some 94-years after last attending college!

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