Friday, October 19, 2012

INDYCAR: 2012 Report Card

Although this has been done everywhere - it hasn’t been tried here at No Fenders, albeit I thought about doing it last year, but thought it’d be pretty bleak with the useless DEATH of Dan Wheldon... As I tried starting this a few days after Will Power’s unbelievable Fontana meltdown - hopefully before it all faded away, eh?

Indy 500
Long Beach
Ferris wheels
IMS Radio Network connectivity

(Changing the rules mid-stream; giving John Barnes an undeserved $25k penalty...)
(Randy Bernard airing his dirty laundry via TWIT-ER...)
Aerokits saga
Belle Isle
Long schedule gap
Jay Penske
Lack of SFHR sponsorship
(The insistent WHINING by team owners over the cost of competing in Indy Cars...)
10-grid spot penalties
Faux Red flags
P2P-tinkering Internet Explorer access
(The NEVER ending STUPIDITY over Tony George reclaiming the Indy Car Series...)

There Y’all go - a very UN-scientific report card, which if Yuhs have anything uze wanna add, then please leave your thoughts below in the Comments section...