Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Somewhat Soothing Bedtime lullaby ‘bout India’s forthcoming Inaugural Grand Prix...

First of all - as I’ve already noted, my head’s not quite into racing at the moment upon the utterly useless deaths of Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli... Yet, I must admit I’m somewhat curious about how this weekend’s inaugural Indian Grand Prix will go off after many year’s of delays, infighting, corruption/graft(?) and now the overly tedious PR Speak Hypefest in order to prime the pumps and ultimately line Uncle Bernaughty’s Wallet!

Thus, it seemed overly obvious that both current Indian drivers holding the mandatory FIA Superlicense would take part in their country’s debutant Grand Prix - surely in order to increase the novice publics appetite towards spending their hard earned Rupee in order to attend history in the making...

As HRT F1 reserve driver Narain Karthikeyan, dubbed “The Speediest Indian” by Hispania Racing Team Boss Colin Kolles - NOT to be Cornfuzed with Seattle Seachickens B-I-G ‘Ol No. 90 Colin ‘‘CK Cole who just took part in the 6-3 Pillow fight loss to the lowly Cleveland Browns; but I digress... Will indeed be competing as F1 rookie Daniel Ricciardo’s substitute for the Minnowesqe Backmarker this Sunday... As hopefully the crowd won’t get too lathered-up and expect to see Narain outperform teammate ‘TONIO, aka Vitantonio Liuzzi...

Meanwhile Team Lotus 2.0 reserve driver Karun Chandhok certainly will be disappointed to have been relegated to his usual Friday morning FP1 driving duties - as initially it seemed a ‘Slam-dunk for “Cowboy’s” services at New Delhi after having replace the NOTSTO Truly Scrumptious (Jarno Trulli_ at Hockenheim after Trulli’s continuous ‘Wingeing ‘bout the Loti’s problematic Power Steering. Yet Jarno’s contract extension - along with his renewed optimism and monotonous praise towards the revamped power steering has now seen the Italian retain his race seat for the weekend... As Lotus wishes to confirm its grip upon the tenth-place F1 Constructors prize money.

Over at Force India, now co-owner Vijay Mallya will be doing his bestest ‘Pied Piper impersonation, a la Flavour Flav? (Flavio Briatore...) Having slammed reports of his beloved Formula 1 team being up for sale - only to do a ‘Double-speak a mere 24hrs later when spinning off 42.5% of the Silverstone based squad to another Indian concern. As Mallya’s silver tongue has been displayed before when bamboozling both current Indian F1 hopefuls Karthikeyan and Chandhok by claiming they’re NOT WORTHY!

Yet meanwhile, the ever vigilant Scotsman Paul di Resta is saying all of the “Right-thingy’s” in the crescendoing  build-up to this weekend’s Indian GP which Y’all can read in; Paul di Resta finds his voice for India's grand entrance into F1

While I myself look forward to F1 Grizzled ‘Journo turned Travel ‘Hack; Hya! Joe Saward’s Great India Adventures - whilst I hope Joe will not be inundated with what the great Paul Theroux wryly noted as ‘Backshiesh while lamenting his stay in India’s vastly OVERCROWDED main cities before seeking refuge in the  further away countryside comforts of rural India which Mr. Theroux thoroughly discusses in his epic novel;

Ghost Train to The Eastern Star
On the Tracks of The Great Railway Bazaar
By Paul Theroux (2008)

Which may be the best way to travel to ‘N fro the “budding?”Buddh International Circuit, eh? As apparently traffic’s a real BITCH!

Now I’d better go set the trusty ‘Ol VCR, eh? After another Sleepless Night in Seattle; Oh Never Mind!

Apparently ‘Deeter Majestik’s liquid Moohlah trumps the talents of former Red Bull prodigy Vitantonio Liuzzi - as heir apparent Daniel Ricciardo will be Narain Karthikeyan’s teammate this weekend at India instead of ‘TONIO...