Monday, October 10, 2011

Vettel becomes Youngest ever Double ‘Weldmeister!

Newly anointed 2011 World Champion ‘Zebb Vettel celebrates title win with “JENSE on Suzuka podium... (Source:
So this year’s Formula 1 title fight seemed most Anti-climatic compared towards last year’s knuckle-biter - as the outcome this weekend seemed a forgone conclusion compared to last year’s thriller...

As its funny how there was no impetus to stay up into the ‘Wee hours watching history being made vs. arising at Oh DARK-30 last year in order to watch the unthinkable, as I’d already thrown in the towel upon Master “Zebb’s title aspirations - and begrudgingly ceded the title to “Ferdi-the-Putz” (Fred Alonso) instead - before reveling in Vitaly “VO5” Petrov tellin’ Fredrico Suave he was Numero Uno! By giving the Spaniard the ‘Byrd and a dose ‘O his own medicine by holding off the Double World ‘Champ-PEE-on for sixth place upon the Yas Island Marina circuit last November...

Yet after Scribblin’ my riveting Salute to the youngest ever World Champion last year - being elated by Master ‘Zebb’s title snatching feat; a ‘Juan certain Indiana Bureau Chief tried putting the Kybosh upon my excitement by telling me that Vettel was NO Alonso! Alas, Fernando was BETTER then Sebastian... (Apparently a Worldwide phenomena, eh?) WTF? As this has stuck in my ‘Craw for nearly one year now...

Driver:         Alonso       Vettel
Starts:              173                  77
Wins:               27                    19
Podiums:         71                    33
Poles:              20                    27
Fastest Laps:    19                    7
Year Started:   2001                2007
Age:                 30                    24

Yet I’d haveda say that the first ever Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercar race “live on SPEED preceding the Japanese GP was much more exciting then the F1 race itself - with the Top-2 finishers a scant 0.02 apart after six and one-half hours of competition vs. BLOODY ‘JENSE summarily cruising to the chequered flag, albeit Alonso did make him work for the victory; but I digress...

As I’ve said before enlight of Thee REAL Iceman’s 2007 title; contrary to popular belief - I’m not just now jumping aboard Der Vettel Express... As I’ve been a staunch fan ‘O his since ’08, ironically after having given up on Kimi Räikkönen and his Vanilla Ice OOMPLATS; Hya! As I have this silly notion (ritual) of NOT rootin’ for the same racing drivers or NFL Footenballen teams as other friends ‘N family members...

Thus with the DER TERMINATOR, nee Michael Schumacher having been exiled prematurely into retirement in order to make room for Raikkonen, who others had chosen as their Anti-Schumacher pick I began to cast about for a  new rising star to root for - becoming immediately enamored by a precocious 19yr old German Teenager who began his ‘Juan-off for BMW Sauber F1 as The Krakow Kid’s (Robert Kubica) substitute at the 2007 USGP by garnering a $5,000 Euros fine for speeding in the Pitlane upon exiting for his very first-ever Grand Prix practice session! Yet the young ‘Whippersnapper from Heppenheim would calmly go onto finish P8 in his debutant Formula 1 start and commence what has become a lengthy resetting of the record books for Youngest ever accomplishments... Becoming the Sport’s current youngest F1 point’s scorer to date...

And while Alonso spent his rookie season in a full year campaign for the perennial Backmarker Minardi F1 Squad, before spending a further year as a Renault test driver before ultimately becoming its Number-one driver; the young Sebastian would find his way into Grand Prix permanency by first deputizing as the replacement for Toro Rosso punching bag Scott Speed alongside Vitantonio Liuzzi for the remainder of his truncated rookie season.

Then the following year the younger Vettel completely ‘Dusted Off his French Stable mate le Hamburgular - the reigning four-times Champ Car World Series Champion Sebastian Bourdais at Scuderia Toro Rosso. Which ironically is the very same Formula 1 team that gave Alonso and Mark Webber their F1 starts. As many will know that STR was born out of the ashes of the former Minardi F1 Team - having been acquired by Red Bull’s “Deeter Majestik” in a plan to effectively run a four-car team before chassis cloning came to a head.

And the rest as they say is History... As Master ‘Zebb went on a tear by bringing the debutant Grand Prix victories to not one but two new F1 Constructors: Scuderia Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing respectively, en route to becoming the Sport’s youngest ever Pole-sitter and Grand Prix winner.

Apparently there are some cynics worldwide who think Vettel isn’t worthy of all of his accolades - with detractors saying he’s either gotten the Lewis Hamilton Silver Spoon treatment or doesn’t have the ability to win from behind or overtake Fernando Alonso... As this trio currently is my grouping for fastest men on the grid, with Jenson Button, Mark Webber and Felipe Massa all being a step behind. Thus I won’t try arguing or answering this - since it doesn’t really matter because like it or not, Sebastian Vettel is now the current Two-time reigning Formula One World Champion.

In a further bit ‘O irony, it seemed somewhat symbiotic that Herr Schumacher (Michael) would choose the very occasion to say: DON’T Forget about Me... By leading his very first race in five years on the very track that he’s scored eight Poles and six “W’s” (Wins!) compared to the ‘Uber young ‘Wunderkin’s three Poles and two victories... As Schuey’s first Grand Prix crown wasn’t obtained until the tender age of 25. Just do NOT call him Baby ‘Schuey - whatever Yuhs do!

Thus, it’s a tad bit ironic that I’m guessing privately Master ‘Zebb is hoping to break BLOODY ‘NIGE’s (Mansell) staggering single season Pole position tally of 14, as Vettel currently sits on 12 with four races remaining. The irony? Mansell’s All-conquering Team Willy (Williams) FW14B-Renault was designed by none other then Red Bull’s current chassis genius Adrian Newey...

And I found it overly refreshing to listen to the Japanese GP Post-race interview where Master ‘Zebb apologized for running a bit long and didn’t know exactly everyone to Congratulate; and hence, profusely thanked the person he spent the most time with the entire year - none other then his virtually unknown Finnish ‘Pysio (trainer) Tommy Parmakoski and his Family! With NO mention of Red Bull or ‘Deeter Majestik, a la the obligatory ‘RASSCAR Infomercial style... COOL!

We didn't get ahead of ourselves - Vettel

Way to GO ‘Sebastain! Kick some MORE ARSE ‘Zebb!