Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How does this Top 10 of UN-LUV’ed IndyCar Tracks stack up?

To which all I can say is Seriously - Belle Isle; Seriously? You’ve gotta be absolutely FREAKIN’ Kidding!!! Right? Although apparently NOT? As none other then The Captain, aka Roger Penske seems to agree with Yuhs - NOT to mention Indy Car... Who I’m starting to think will go anywhere somebody’s willing to pay their Admittance Fees!

Huh? NO Watkins Glen? You’ve gotta be FREAKIN’ NUTS! And how ‘bout Il Notre Dam, Mont Tremblant, Viva la Mexico City and Assen TT? To which I’d gladly argue are ALL BETTER Than Detroit’s Belle Isle! (While Ontario Speedway sounded like it was pretty kOOL - especially as a ‘Seester track to Indianapolis, eh?)

Or even MIS (Michigan International Speedway) and Brands Hatch - which both surely are better venues then Belle Isle. Not to mention the just unceremoniously DUMPED Milwaukee Mile... I mean talk ‘bout processional events... Belle Isle that is; Geez! And that’s coming from a self anointed Road Course Snob; Hya! While it PAINS Me that my two nearest ex-Hometracks made the Top-10; Can you say Portland (No. 4) and Vancouver, BC? (No. 7) But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We AIN’T gonna go ‘Dare - ‘Cause weeze can squeeze more outta China...

(NOTE: My track selections were based off of circuits NOT listed in the Top 10 story)