Saturday, October 29, 2011

F1 Drivers Pay Tribute to Fallen Racers in India

As always - in Dark times of Tragedy; the Show must go ON! And hence, while IndyCar and MOTO GP continue grieving over their recently fallen Stars, life goes on in the world of Formula 1 - which commences the inaugural Indian Grand Prix this weekend.

Yet many of the F1 drivers participating this weekend are doing their own special little bits to recognize the lives of Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli. With such drivers as Jenson Button and Marc Webber running tribute ‘Deckles (Decals) to Jarno Trulli running a replica livery Simoncelli helmet scheme... While Lewis Hamilton runs a previously planned Bob Marley helmet theme this weekend...

Yet SPEED’s Bob Varsha noted during the Saturday Qualifying show that Lewis Hamilton had donated a set of his race worn Overalls from the Italian GP to the Wheldon Memorial Trust Fund Auction - along with Fernando Alonso also donating one of his racing bibs to the cause, which you can check out the Auction and more at: Dan Wheldon Memorial