Friday, October 7, 2011

Vettel to Set more History at Suzuka

2011 F1 World champion elect Sebastian Vettel is on the cusp of clinching the Formula 1 Drivers title at Suzuka this weekend, which he can claim by finishing a lone solitary single point ahead of BLOODY ‘JENSE, nee Jenson Button - which seems on the cards for Master ‘Zebb this Sunday - and would be most appropriate - as its also where DER TERMINATOR, nee Michael Schumacher made history by becoming the Sport’s first-ever Six-times World champion in ’03.

When Vettel becomes World Champion for the second consecutive year, he’ll join a very elite grouping of Back-to-Back (Consecutive) Double World Champions, a select list of eight by my count.

Double Winners
Alberto Ascari, (1952-53) Juan Manuel Fangio, (1954-57) Jack Brabham, (1959-60) Alain Prost, (1985-86) Ayrton Senna, (1990-91) Mika Hakkinen, (1998-99) Michael Schumacher (2000-04) and Fernando Alonso. (2005-06)

And Master ‘Zebb’s torrent of accomplishments for Youngest Ever will continue, when at 24yrs old, he’ll become the youngest ever to accomplish the feat - while he’s also made another bit ‘O history by becoming only the second driver ever to claim ten Pole positions in more then one season... As Zebb’s currently sitting on 11-poles to date, preceding the Japanese Grand Prix!

As the only other Gran Primo Piloto to do this was a one ‘Ay Airton (Ayrton) Senna who claimed 10-poles a year between 1989-90-91. (13-13-10) While the All-time single season mark for Pole positions by a driver is 14, set by BLOODY ‘NIGE (Mansell) in 1992 aboard the All-conquering FW14B Williams-Renault, which featured active suspension - to which Vettel claims is outta reach... Hmm? Five Pole positions are still up for grabs - with Red Bull having locked-out ALL 14-events to date. With Vettel’s 11 and Mark Webber’s 3; so, we’ll see, eh?