Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Formula 1 Doce Americanos...

Whale, that certainly was a surprise to Mwah, albeit having previously read Adam Cooper’s “Scoop” on the “WeeHocken”
F1 Street
race previously - I really didn’t expect it to happen... As there seemingly is a new Grand Prix venue popping up almost monthly now? While I can’t help thinking of calling Adam Alice “School’s Out!” Cooper instead - having just spent copius amounts  ‘O time in front of le Telie watching Man v Food on the Travel Channel whilst in The Valley of the Sun and having watched an episode including Alice Cooper’s Cooperstown and its signature ‘BIG UNIT Hot Dog, a nod to part owner Randy ‘BIG UNIT Johnson; but I digress...

Yet I find it somewhat hilarious that Uncle Bernaughty was so opposed to working out a Dealio with Ronnie “TG” George to return to the Speedway and now we’ll have not one but two US Grand Prix’s in 2013 - harkening back to the Dazes of ‘70’s lore when the States held an US West and East Formula One event simultaneously, as the East Coast venue will be a 3.2-mile temporary street circuit running along the Hudson River and will be designed by the notorious Bland Herman Tilke...

New Jersey race has 10-year deal starting in 2013

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