Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bahrain Government continues Overzealous Crusade against Citizens

We all know that this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix was rightly cancelled due to the political unrest in the sovereign state when Police forces killed and injured hundreds of peacefully protesting citizens.

Yet the Kingdom of Bahrain has just handed down extraordinarily HARSH 15-year prison sentences to two of its Handball Team members - for supposedly participating in the Protests against the Kingdom’s rulers.

Now comes word that the Monarchy has continued its Tyrannical Crusade against its subjects by the most INSANE sentencing of the very people dedicated to helping its Citizens by issuing further EXTREME Prison sentences of 15-years for Doctors, Nurses and other Medical Professionals who are ethically bound to help the sick, poor, neglected and WOUNDED Citizens of their Nation - NO Questions asked!

Thus, is this really where Formula 1 wishes to go? And is this Oppressive Kingdom’s overt crusades against its people the type of Nation F1 wishes to align itself with? As I’ll say it again; I will NOT support this event in any shape or manor for the foreseeable future - Nor watch ANY of the Television coverage if the race proceeds as planned in 2012.

As aren’t these Military trials exactly the same thing that were vehemently opposed at some place called “GITMO?” (Guantanamo Bay)