Monday, October 3, 2011


Giant Killer ‘FAST EDDIE (Carpenter) image shamelessly pilfered from
What an emotional rollercoaster yesterday’s IndyCar race in the Blue Gill, (Inside joke) Err Grass state that was... As I went from the emotional low ‘O being absolutely GUTTED by Will Power’s unfortunate turn ‘O events; FUCK!!!

To the HIGH of shouting GO EDDIE!!! For the last 15-laps - as I’m guessing my upstairs neighbors are probably Wunderin’ who in the HELL! Is Eddie? As I too, like Duh Godfather ‘O irl bloggers: THEE ‘DAWG, aka pressdog - was sheddin’ copious amounts ‘O Man-tears upon Ed Carpenter doing the unthinkable and slaying the mighty DeathStar ‘O ‘Cheep Ganassi’s TCGR... And I think I wept mostly for Ed and Sarah, since I realized how hard of a feat they’d just accomplished together... As I believe Eric bachelart is still searching for Victory lane which took Dale Coyne 25-years to find! Not to mention how I’d previously helped contribute to the find Sarah a New Sponsor campaign back in ’08 - in what I denoted as;

And it couldn’t have been the No Fenders Feel Good MoJo could it? Notice whose picture I used for my Friday evening nightcap; Hya! Nah, it’s gotta be Fast Eddie’s shoes, right? And I mean talk ‘bout weight savings... As they even tried running Edwardo without ‘Juan ‘O his visor screws; Hooah! Cymbol crash please...

(Plus Heather, The O’Gara Gang and everyone at SFR...)

Kentucky winning trophy on display at O'Gara's Irish Pub... (Courtesy of No Fenders Offical Photographer  ‘CARPETS)