Thursday, October 7, 2010

F1: Paddock Notes - October 7th Edition

Originally I had broken this down into three separate stories... But the amount of “Breaking News” just never quite ends, eh? As not only does Formula 1 NEVER Sleep; Nor does Motorsports, and thus here goes the first installment of what may become a new No Fenders winter segment?

F1 vs. CO2?
As those Fine Folks of Law & Order would say, this story is literally ripped right from the Headlines... Albeit I spotted it at Grizzled ‘Journo Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog instead, and it’s an interesting tease ‘bout what the Williams F1 Team has been doing to lower its Carbon Footprint the past few years...

How to be an environmentally-friendly F1 team…

And speaking if Williams; Suzuka will formally conclude the Rubens Barrichello 300th Grand Prix Victory Tour – So nice job ‘Rubino!

Rubino to Crack 300 GP Barrier

Sauber inks Perez and Telmex, while Kobayashi looks forward to going Home
Another rumour comes true... As the Sauber F1 Team, which in Football lingo is in a Rebuilding mode; as Peter Sauber seeks to revamp his Minnowesqe Team from its former Bavarian Auto Giant Days, has just announced the inking of 20yr old Mexican GP2 runner-up Sergio Perez, who brings along with him the Richest Man in the World’s Telmex backing... As Perez will partner “K-Squared,” (Kamui Kobayashi) beginning in 2011...

Perez will become the first Mexican Gran Primo Piloto in Formula 1 since Hector Rebaque drove for Uncle Bernaughty’s (Ecclestone) Ownership of Brabham in the early 1980’s.

Cinco de Mayo

It’s also worth noting that rising Mexican F1 Hopeful Esteban Gutierrez, whose also under contract to Sauber, is also sponsored by Telmex: Thus is Gutierrez an insurance policy or Odd Man out; or is he potentially Kobayashi’s future replacement?

Meanwhile Kamui Kobayashi whose just been anointed as a Japan Honourable International Ambassador, a Sports Tourism Master; Aye Karate! (Hya!) Is looking most forward to competing in his inaugural Home Grand Prix at Suzuka this weekend, where he burst upon the Formula One scene a year ago as Timo Glock’s substitute...

Q+A with Kamui Kobayashi

Lotus Racing announces new Drivetrain partner
Not surprisingly, on the heels of the current Lotus Racing F1 Team and Cosworth announcing the Official early disolvement of its 3-year contract for Engine supply; Lotus has now announced that it will become a Red Bull Technology (RBT) Customer for 2011 and onwards. RBT will supply Lotus Racing with Gearbox and Hydraulics package to mesh with the Customer Renault Engine it will be running in 2011, so watch for Team Lotus 2.0 to potentially make waves next season, as I’ll be looking forward to ‘KOVY mixing it up with the Big Boyz...