Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Korean Grand Prix gets Approval

With all of the rule bending ‘N bending over backwards to make sure that the inaugural Korean Grand Prix would go ahead this year as planned... You really had to believe that it would ultimately get rubber-stamped by the FIA, as after all what official Sponsor role does LG hold with the FIA? Thus although the ‘Ash-fault is extremely fresh... Who Yuhs gonna call Charlie? As Uncle Bernaughty had already told the world that the Korea GP was a GO – END of Story; Kapishe! Which means Charlie Whiting’s hands were basically tied behind his back as he coolly pronounced the circuit to be “Satisfactory.” (“Wink Wink – Nudge Nudge”) And thus the Show will go On! So looks like you’d better pack your bags Joe...

Green Light For The 2010 Korean Grand Prix Following FIA Inspection