Monday, October 25, 2010

Back to the WET Stuff!

When you’re Strange,
Faces come out of the RAIN!
When you’re Strange,
People remember your name?
(When you’re Strange: Lyrics by The Doors)

So there’s nuttin’ quite like being back in the “Jet City” (Seattle) on another bleak, dreary, blustery and overly WET day; CRIKEYS! Which reminds me, a contingent of those ‘BIG BOYZ of Indy Car Fame traveled ‘Down Under to race some Tin Tops in the Australian V8 Supercars series recently... BUTT! Having enjoyed a 10-day respite from ze Confuzer, I have absolutely NO idea of how that event went or almost anything else in Der ‘Vurld ze Motorsporten – Ja Volt!

And NOT that I’m suggesting that Y’all do anything of the sort, please... As after all - ALL of us ‘Vurd Botcherers in BloggerLand are countin’ upon your continued support... Yet it was a nice break away from ze keyboard ‘N stuff... So I haven’t quite gotten back into le Grind; although we did stumble into some PickemUp Truck racing thingy recently... Oh Wait! They’re Turnin’ Left again... Yee Haw!

And I do have a somewhat funny story to recount shortly ‘bout trying to record the just completed inaugural Korean GP... Which I decided to try watching live on the “Tellie” into the very DARK ‘Wee hours of the morning Sunday... Can you say EMBARRASSMENT? At least that’s what somebody should be, i.e.; EMBARRASSED! Since I know that soon to be 80yrs OLD Uncle Bernaughty (Ecclestone) DON’T give a CRAP as long as the race goes on and he gets his 14-figures wired into his account before the Green flag drops!

But C’mon Clowns! That had to be the most ill-advised inaugural Grand Prix hosted in many Moons, eh? As I fell asleep somewhere’s between 1AM-onwards West Coast-Arizona-Seattle-Pacific Time; Oh Never Mind! As I let the show roll-on with 10-laps remaining, in total DISGUST after Master ‘Zebb’s “Reggie” lump when ‘KUH-BLAMOE! F%%K!!! Son ‘O a Bitch! That Frillin’ Fredrico won as I DEJECTEDLY turned off the TV at 2:01AM as soon as that SMUG S.O.B. crossed the line feeling totally GUTTED! Whale probably not as GUTTED as Sebastian felt, eh? SHEISA! (SHIT!) As now the Formula 1 Championship is turned upside down once again; Aye Karumba! As I really wish I knew who it was in the Paddock who recently said he thought Fred Alonso would win the title ‘cause he knows EVERY DIRTY TRICK in the Book! (‘Nuff Said, Eh!)

So now I’m off to see what in Tar nations the Bloggeratzi has been spoutin’ off ‘bout lately... Although I did manage to hear on the news recently that The Judds were goin’ back on tour; Hmm? I’d haveda think that Mr. Dashley has secured enough ‘Coin this season to see out the year for Mrs Dario, right? Unless perhaps Ashley needs to ante up some Dinero for their Trophy room’s Wing, eh? As I’m certain she’ll need to come up with a all new d├ęcor to go along with that Naked Man on the Unicycle; Hya!

Now hopefully I can get this posted before the wind blows out the power!