Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lloyd Shines On ‘bout Testing

I have to admit its pretty amusing to see how many fellow Bloggers are now commenting ‘bout Don Kay’s ‘lil Autosport Radio Show, which I’ve been listening too for the past 3yrs...
Thus, I tuned-in once again this Tuesday to listen to Alex ‘PINK Lloyd & Brett Barnhart; Huh? Yuhs means Brian “Braveheart’s” got an older brother also working for the Indy Racing League? As apparently the elder Barnhart is a member of Indy Cars Pit Tech crew which are responsible for Policing ICS Teams rules observance during the racing weekend.

And although I like Alex Lloyd, there’s something ‘bout his monotone droning on in TeamSpeak which seems to grate upon me... Although I found it amusing to hear him ‘Politicking for the inclusion of more testing, noting how previously IndyCar rookies would come into the season with a year’s worth of testing mileage under their belts before going racing full time... With Alex noting how difficult it had been for him to come off the sidelines this year by claiming he’d been merely sitting on the sofa the past two seasons...

To which Don Kay quickly quipped: “That’s NOT all you’ve been doing!” In reference to the fact that The Lloyd’s are expecting child number three on Nov. 12th, their first boy – having had two girls previously. As Don’s quip did garner a rare chuckle from Alex...

And it was entertaining how the entire interview went without any mention of Alex’s teammate - The Wanderin’ Milka, Milkalicious or formally known as Milka Duno... Hmm? Is this part of the ICS departure campaign already?

And I know that the lack of testing in Motorsports is continued to be spurned by the current Global economic plight. But it just seems like a travesty to Mwah. I mean can’t some sort of happy medium be struck? As I believe RASSCAR is going to allow testing to begin again next year, while Formula One has upped its Pre-season Testing allotment from four dates to six.

As I believe that Indy Car previously allowed rookies to test for Teams by giving them extra mileage incentives, which hopefully is carried over for next year? Although I can’t recall there ever being test drivers per sei in Indy Car, it would be nice to see an extra Open Test session or two added to the season. Perhaps hosting two 3-day outings at “Warm” weather venues that aren’t on the Indy Car Series calendar, like VIR, Road Atlanta or Sebring... Or run at Sebring first and the Barber (Barber Motorsports Park) second – in order to miss something called COLD temperatures before kicking off the 2011 ICS season March 27th at St. Petersburg. (Florida)

Then they could run a single 3-day outing on an Oval in the Mid-season, some where’s after Indy, eh? Perhaps some ‘lil Bullring Oval named Milwaukee in order to get the fans & teams ready for its return to the calendar...

And it would be nice if the “powers-to-Be” could send a skeleton TV crew to cover perhaps the final day’s outing of said Open Tests? Or GASP! Perhaps stream it live on le internets via my most tempernental website... Or at least send a couple of the IMS Radio Broadcast crew to cover it “live” via that Super Dooper” webcast thingy!

But these are just some mild suggestions... In regards to Messer Lloyd noting how he and Dale Coyne Racing (DCR) had already burned-up their 2010 testing mileage allotment – like almost all teams have, I’d ASSume? And therefore IndyCar will be going DARK until 2011.

Meanwhile, I’ve resisted the temptation of mentioning perhaps doing an east coast & west coast Pre-season test, simply since the words of Go-Kart Owner Jay “Funnyman” Howard still resonate in my noggin ‘bout how much it would COST in Diesel alone! Although I was thinking about that great little track fondly known as Laguna Seca as my west coast venue; as HELL! Why NOT even throw in the (wishful) idea of at least hosting a Mid-season “Twisty” Open test at someplace called Portland International Raceway? RO-RO! There I go again MISTER CARPETS... (Hey, I can still dream ‘bout it – right?) And when I say the words Open, I mean it should be open to the public, as Sufferin’ Succotash; Indy Car dearly needs to offer their product to EVERY market possible and to any potential future fans... Even those most coveted 10yr olds – even if they bring their 40-something parents along with them...

If you wish to check out the entire Autosport Radio interview with Alex Lloyd & Brett Barnhart – then visit the link below,
Autosport Radio Show – October 24 edition

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