Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hey Joe! Where’s uze goin’ with that Laptop?

Apparently Grizzled ‘Journo Joe Saward is getting upon his Hobby Horse again... Or perhaps has just been pulling too MANY All-nighters covering the Japanese GP live from Suzuka Circuito, eh? As his latest Digs towards us “Virtual ‘Vurd Botcherers” sounds a little bit like one of Open Wheel Curmudgeon Robin Miller's rants; YIKES! As in it AIN’T REAL unless you’re actually live in “Living Colour” getting’ the story straight from the venue... As hey Mr. Saward, I’d much rather be behind the wheel of the Red Bull RB6 then shuttling racing rubber back ‘N forth to their respective Garage! As I totally get the Spitfire vs. Ack Ack battalion analogy... Just remember NOT all of us have the capability, means or ability to cover the Grand Prix Circus from the racing track – and go Gallivanting around the Globe!

But please keep up the good work – which I look forward to each ‘N every morning. And have fun in Korea...

Ah-h-h, R & R…

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