Friday, April 24, 2009

More on USGPE

Apparently SPEED TV’s Formula 1 coverage has become the unofficial media platform for the much ballyhooed USGPE effort, as perhaps I’m ‘Ol School, but the website still is completely BLANK and only teasingly ‘sez “Coming Soon.” (As NOT everybody does Facebook or GRUNTER! Err, TWIT-ER!)

Thus, Bob Varsha pitched another softball towards Peter Winsor during Friday’s second practice coverage. And in his usual eloquent “Aussie Drawl” the House ‘O Winsor replied I’m having to pinch myself to think this is really happening.... As we’ve moved into the ex-Hall of Fame (RASSCAR) Motorsports building and we’ve ordered a bunch of machinery including CNC equipment and three autoclaves; small, medium and large, as let’s see, it should be 7-8 in Charlotte and the Boys should be in the office by now... Obviously we’d like the 2010 F1 Regulations to be finalized along with nominating the teams who’ll be participating of which we fully expect to be one of...

As for engines, the FIA is encouraging new teams to go the Cosworth route and we’ve made a deposit on this for USF1... As I find it funny how Varsha & Winsor are seemingly using the moniker USF1 perhaps for annoyance towards Emperor Bernardo? As reportedly the team’s newest name will be revealed when the 2010 F1 Entry list is divulged.

Then Winsor went on a long rant about how Red Bull had made a mistake by ditching the then revving to 20,000RPM Cosworth V-8 “Lump” in favour of the Renault at the last minute back in ’07... And it was not bad to be utilizing an engine that American Kevin (“Smiley Face”) Kalkoven owned... Hmm? As Will has pointed out previously; Kalkhoven AIN’T NO YANK! Unless he’s gotten his citizenship, eh? I think it has more to do with one Aussie talking up another Mate... And getting a “Sweetheart” deal on the revitalized Cossies? Although I’m still a little cornfused about Super Aguri having supposedly been bought out by Cosworth?


  1. Dude. You are a hater. Yes, Speed seems to give USGPE some favorable airtime. Then again, Windsor is an on air talent for them and will likely give Speed preferential access in the future for some air time now. Would that be so terrible for viewers?

    You sounds like an angry Alonso or Hamilton fan.......

  2. NO!!! I am NOT an USGPE Hater... In fact I'm probably one of their biggest fans as I truly hope the team can pull off their aspirations of fielding a two car team in 2010... I just find it a bit funny for all of the preaching about unbridald fan access theyy don't have anything to say upon their website....

    Obviously the more exposure that Peter Winsor can garner for the team on SPEED the better, as I truly find it funny how they continue to needle Bernie the Great who told them to cease 'N disist the usage of USF1, because the word F1 is mine!

    Alonso is obviously a very talented driver as is Hamilton, since last time I checked they don't just toss out World Championships... Yet I find Alonso a bit tough to swallow, while Hamilton seems to have this aura of no wrong doing around him when in fact he lied to the Stewards in Melbourne...