Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tony’s sandbox

If you’re not aware by now, Robin Miller has written a story for SPEED claiming that Tony George, one of the central figures responsible for RUINING Open Wheel racing, reportedly made an offer to Champ Car to unify the two desolate series for 2008 just prior to Christmas.

Although George’s offer seems to be reasonable on the surface, the powers to be at Champ Car, nee the Four Moosketeers (Kalkoven, Forsythe, Gentilozzi, and Petitt) have rejected the offer, although both Forsythe and Kalkoven vehemently claim they never got the memo…

And suffice it to say, things aren’t getting any better in Champ Car as teams and drivers seem to be packing their bags as quickly as possible. Joining the HELL NO conga line appears to be A1 GP Team Switzerland’s Neal Jani, who wisely has turned down any attempts of returning to Champ Car in 2008 in favour of chasing the A1 GP title instead. Uhm, what’s that word they call out before shocking you with the paddles…
Looks like Tony’s gonna have to break open the Hullman families piggy bank just a little wider, eh? Then again if he can truly get the world of Open Wheel off of life support and a return of Formula 1, then it would be money wisely spent!


  1. AutoBlog has a report suggesting Carl Haas has told the powers that be he will bolt for the IRL in 2009 if CCWS fails to get their stuff together.

    Normally AutoBlog's sources are fairly reliable. Having said that I haven't seen this report anywhere else and also wonder how Carl Haas issued any statement from JAIL.

    I guess it's wait-n-see.

  2. Hadn't heard about the report, thanks for the update.

    Perhaps Champ Car will get a grip and figure out what to do, although I vastly prefer the Champ Car World Series over the Indy Racing League, which is successfully transforming itself into CART Lite...