Sunday, December 30, 2007

Speed Freaks

Otay, so I probably should QUIT professing my lack ‘O Technical “Know-how, eh?” Yet, for some reason I just decided to try finding the Speed Freaks radio broadcast via the internets… After I’d accidentally discovered this while in Arizona and wallah! I found it, eureka!

So, even though I missed the first hour of the “Best Of” Holidazes re-broadcast, I still enjoyed listening to the second hour of the show. (MINUS the massive deluge ‘O commercials!)

And they did a montage of previous segments, with all of the members: Kenny Sergeant, Crash Gladys, Lug-Nuts and Stat Man talking to various racing personalities.

My favourite segment was when they talked to “Woody” who was quite confused when Lug-Nuts asked him if the rumour was true about Mikey “Squeaky Clean” Waltrip defecting to Open Wheel… WHAT??? Is that really true, Woody asked.

This was after a segment with Kirk Cabin of, who thru out the suggestion that it was more than “Co-inkydince” that “The Cheepster” (Chip Ganassi) had two international Open Wheel stars in his RASSCAR stable. As they’re both helping Tin Tops saturate foreign markets and Messer Helton & Co. had potentially cut a deal with Chip, giving him a percentage of the TV rights.

And adding further insult to injury was the comment that Dario “REO Speedwagon” Franchitti is way MORE popular in Europe than Dan “Spike” Wheldon…

There was also an interview with Dancing with the FOOLS champ-peon Helioe… Who says he’s still committed to Indy Car, but never say never to a potential switch to CUP. Can you say 2009?

Also for good measure was a quick sound bite clip of an interview with Elliott Sadler, who’s definitely a nice guy and a great interviewee. So guess I know what I’ll be doing’ Sunday nights now that Football’s almost OVER! Hmm, seems kinda fitting that Charlie Daniels Devil in the House is playin’ in the background as I scribble ‘bout the Speed Freaks…