Thursday, December 27, 2007


Recently I read some comments towards the pathetic LACK of interesting programming currently being run on the SPEED Channel, as I too agree that PINKS is a waste ‘O time… As wellas the Unique Whips marathons And a quick blast thru the upcoming programming revealed a further deluge of PINKS, Unique Whips, Novi Tuner Vision and Lucas Oil “On the Edge” filling out the daily line-ups…

Thus it’s hard to believe that it was just “Juan” year ago that I was watching the extended version of Grand Prix (the movie) on SPEED, as this included a lengthy pre-amble with the director and main man James Garner before the actual film started. Interspersed with the requisite overdose of commercials, the program was four hours long! Yet, how I’d sure like to see that movie again instead of 43 hours of PINKS!