Friday, December 7, 2007


WOW! What a FREAKIN’ Entertaining day today has been! First of all sorry for the site being down for the last 6+ hours…

As I’ve just spent the entire day working thru a litany of Technical Difficulties regarding the intricacies of how the FUCKING Internets work…

Apparently did NOT enjoy my story titled Tora Tora Tora! As it appears that not only did the Zero’s strike Hickman Field 66 years ago today but also strafed the No Fenders site…

With the help of my MOST EXCELLENT Blogmeister along with being bamboozled by “Techno-Babble” from 5 different Tech Support DORKNOES @ Go Daddy… I’ve learned way more about coding and scripting issues then I ever wanted too know!

So where did all of the data go? Is it on the server? Is it in the index file? Did you change the script? How do you publish the story? Sounds like it’s a Blogger issue, since we DON’T have access into your account Sir… Who’s on first? What’s on Second? Did Helioe really WIN the Dancin’ with FOOLS contest… Oh Never Mind!

After all of that, my Blogmeister resolved the issue on his own!

Hmm? Perhaps Go Daddy doesn’t like me calling their top pitchman, err pitchwoman “Princess,” eh?

KUDOS Blogmeister!