Thursday, December 13, 2007


In case you thought I was being too harsh towards Champ Car recently, fear not, as the Indy Racing League has their own issues to deal with.

Perhaps you’re not aware of the Scott Sharp/Patron vs. Rahal/Letterman Racing contretemps? In a case of who SUED whom? Sharp, Tequila sponsor Patron and RLR have engaged in a multiple round robin of “spy vs. Spy,” err Lawsuit vs. Counter Lawsuit in their ongoing dispute of contractual mischievous…

While Sharp claims that RLR has been phoning in its IRL efforts with recent staff cuts and lack of testing, Bobby Rahal claims that Sharp cannot simply walk from the team due to having a contract for 2008. Makes you wonder just what Rahal’s other sponsor Ethanol thinks about the whole sorted mess, eh? I mean talk about being full ‘O corn… Hmm, me thinks its time to pass me that bottle of Mescal… Wonder who’s gonna eat the worn?

Meanwhile, according to SPEED’s Robin Miller, Champ Car is perhaps on the verge of making its largest BLUNDER yet! As there appears to be rumours of Forsythe Petitt Racing having sent Paul “Chrome Horn” Tracy an email stating that if he didn’t renegoiate his contract for 2008 he could be given his walking papers.

With the Hamburgular having jumped to Formula 1, Justin Wilson currently without a ride, Champ Car is now flirting with dumping its MOST Popular driver… What in the HELL is Gerry Forsythe thinking? If this occurs, it may be too late to pull out the paddles and shock Champ Car back to respectability! While Indy Car is currently riding the wave of Helioe’s dancing shoes performances. OUCH!