Monday, December 17, 2007

Bully Boys

In the wake of the World Motor Sport Council’s “NO Decision” against Renault, I find it disturbing that the FIA has filed a libel lawsuit against The Sunday Times in regards to columnist Martin “Billy Bob” Brundles outspokenness in regards to the travesty known as “Spy Gate.”

As Brundle rightly states; He’s given enough blood, sweat ‘N tears as a former Formula 1 driver to be able to give his opinion on the sport.

Apparently “MAD Max,” Emperor Bernardo and the FIA didn’t appreciate the Englishman’s tongue lashing they so rightly deserved in deference to the mockery of their handling over “Stepney-Gate” this past September. Yet “Billy Bob” hasn’t backed down and wrote his rightful opinions the past weekend in regards to the frivolous lawsuit and pathetic handling of Renault’s lack of any penalty…

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