Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh Canada!

ACK! Another bleak, grizzly, COLD, WET, Grey, Gloomy day here in the Pacific Northwest… While I was away playing’ Up North, eh? I see that my Most EXCELLENT Blogmeister has restored the site back to working order!

And perhaps it’s just me, but it was a bit galling to go from the cozy, warm confines of Arizona’s 75+ degrees (F) to the “Artic” climes of Vancouver, BC’s +3 degrees (C/21F)

And even more disheartening is the PATHETIC Border crossing… If you’re driving a car, you simply drive up to the Customs Agent booth, hand your papers, *Papers, We DON’T need NO stinkin’ papers!) Answer a few obligatory questions and drive off. But if you’re going Greyhound, (Which is perpetually LATE!) you’ve got to perform a whole different routine. First you have to disembark the bus with your belongings. Then gather your bags from the driver and go inside the customs office and stand in a really LONG line… Then you have to wait for the agents to show up, while the bomb sniffing dog nudges your back pack along with sniffing you… Err, your bags. Then its time for being grilled over the coals upon your reason for ingressing/egressing the States, before putting all of your bags thru an X-Ray machine. So we were only one hour LATE due to this extravagant border crossing procedure, as it will only get WORSE the closer we get to the 2010 Winter Olympics…

As Carmen sez; Blame KANA-DUH!

(Although the entry into the US is way more arduous then going to Canada…)