Thursday, December 20, 2007

Winter Follies

How many Andretti’s?Does it take to win the Indy 500? Err, to get to the center of a tootsie roll, eh? As I’ve just read that another Andretti is making his way towards the IRL and the Indy 500 in the not so distant future. As Adam Andretti (Hmm? Adam DON’T sound very Italian to me…) has just joined the Indy Pro Series full time with the brand new FuZion Team making its debut in the IPS in 2008…

Sunday DriveTalk ‘bout your Sunday morning drive, or as Mark Knopfler once sang; “Sunday driver never took a test; Only in the wild, wild West! So Casey Jones better slow that Engine down! Or more correctly Lewis Hamilton,

As “Jaguar” was nabbed by the Gendarmes Sunday morning (12/16/07) near the northern town of Laon, where the McLaren star was vrooming thru the countryside in his Mercedes Benz. The only problem for young “Louise” is that he was clocked at 196k/ph in a 130k/ph zone.

At first the Gendarme was unaware of whom the offending foreigner was, as the officer asked; Just who do you think you are Monsieur? Fernando Alonso?

Actually the police apparently had NO clue whom Hamilton was upon initial requesting of name, license, insurance papers… And Hamilton was relieved of $600 Euros for his offense along with having his license suspended for 30 days in France. But the Gendarmes said the Formula 1 youngster was extremely polite and cooperative during his traffic stop and has subsequently had the “Merc” two seater retrieved from impoundment…

So I’m wondering if Hamilton was groovin’ to “Money for nothing ‘N chicks for free when he was nambbed by those pesky Gendarmes. Perhaps this is why he couldn’t attend this year’s ROC?