Friday, December 14, 2007

Blind Justice

While the bombs have been bursting! And Scott Sharp, “Booby Ruble” (B. Rahal) and the King of Late Night comedy David Letterman have been engaged in spin the bottle charades…

“MAD” Max Mosley, the FIA and the WMSC have been busy their selves with the recent acquittal of Renault, as apparently Flavour Flav has successfully played his Get OUT of Jail Free card…

With Renault being complicit of having broken the FIA’s sporting rule 151C, of which McLaren was previously found guilty of doing and subsequently fined $100 million and stripped of all 2007 Constructor’s points. Surely Renault would face similar draconian penalties having loaded proprietary McLaren technical documents onto its internal computers.

Yet incredulously the WMSC while having found Renault guilty of said offenses (Sporting regulation 151C) has levied ZERO penalties against the French owned team, to which I find absolutely ridiculous! Ok, so Renault & Briatore may have been blustering about walking away from the sport, but c’mon, NO penalty? At the very least Renault should have been stripped of their 2007 Constructor’s points a la McLaren.

As much as I think Ron Dennis & Co. got their just rewards for such Machiavellian doings in regards to Stepney-Gate, one ultimately must declare that the WMSC is being totally UNFAIR in the handing out of punishments of both teams’ offenses.

Adding further insult to injury is the World Motor Sport Council’s decision to keep McLaren on “Double Secret Probation” until Valentine’s Day (2008) while the Reggie is free to go about the business of copying outdated McLaren designs.

As Kojak would say, “Who LUVS yuh Baby?”