Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New F1 Rules for 2007

Prior to the Formula 1 Constructor’s resuming testing after the brief winter break, the FIA had once again tinkered with its premiere racing series. (F1) The FIA implemented a series of proposed rule changes for the 2007 season which were endorsed by the 11 F1 teams prior to the completion of the 2006 season…

A brief look at the rule changes:
No Friday third drivers.
2 90-minute practice session on Fridays.
(Super Aguri to propose for ratification; Mandatory for teams to use a test driver during the Friday test sessions)
Increased tire allowance.
(Drivers now allowed 14 sets of tires per weekend, increased from 7 sets)
Pit lane to remain closed during Safety Car periods.
“Lucky Dog” lap policy.
(“RASSCAR” style format to allow lapped drivers to pass the Safety Car)

It’s funny how Formula 1 tends to emulate race strategy’s implemented previously by its stateside rivals, i.e.; CART (Champ Car) and NASCAR. As so eloquently stated previously on The Speed Report by Robin Miller: Miller commented that Formula 1s planned adoption of “RASSCAR’S” (Nextel Cup) “Lucky Dog” should be referred to as the “SORRY-DOG!” Miller correctly pointed out that passing back markers is part of racing… If you cannot pass competitor’s who are 4 seconds a lap SLOWER then you, then you probably shouldn’t be on the track! Instead Formula 1 will now simply wave drivers by instead of making them have to demonstrate their ability of overtaking the moving “chicanes” when the safety car returns to the pits…