Monday, December 4, 2006

Fast Facts

Verstappen to Champ Cars?

According to Jos Verstappen’s website; Verstappen expects to be competing in Champ Cars next season. Although no team has been named, speculation centers upon Jos “The Boss” Verstappen racing with former Minardi team boss Paul Stoddart who will become a stakeholder in CTE/HVM next season. In typical Verstappen fashion; Jus says although no contract has been signed: “What, Me Worry? Champ Cars doesn’t kick off until next April!”

Da Matta Vows Return

Cristiano da Matta whose back home in Brazil continues his remarkable recovery. Da Matta now plans hopefully to return to racing. Although his doctor asked that Da Matta promise not to consider returning to racing during his recovery, Da Matta says that he’ll probably break his promise. Da Matta plans to drive a go kart shortly. Hopefully he’ll fair better than Jenson “Crash” Button or “Sand Dune” Tracy did in their off’ road adventures…