Sunday, December 17, 2006

Al Unser Sr. Acquitted

Four time Indy 500 Winner Al Unser Sr. who was arrested on Aug. 9th for arguing and ignoring police orders at a roadblock adjoining his property has been acquitted of misdemeanor charges of resisting and disobeying police.
Al Unser Sir’s lawyer told the jury during opening arguments that Unser Sr. was “confused” and not giving the police a piece of his mind… The Unser brothers have never been too opinionated… Well ok, may be older brother Bobby?
Prior to closing arguments a different version of the police’s actions were presented of how Unser Sr. was too weak to fight cops. (I.e.; both shoulders surgically repaired, broken ribs, metal rod in leg; all from racing accidents) Having been yanked from his vehicle, thrown to the ground and forcibly handcuffed by plain clothes detectives…
Meanwhile Bobby Unser who has an affinity for tangling with the law was also arrested at the roadblock and his trial was pending of Al Unser Sir’s.
Bobby Unser has previously punched an Albuquerque traffic cop at the airport, also previously becoming lost on his skimobile on restricted National Parks property. The skimobile incident required a large search & rescue operation to find the errant Unser…
Al Unser Sr. has publicly stated that he’s lost endorsements and consulting work over his arrest, even having Jay Leno joke about him. Parnelli Jones and Chris Economaki served as character witnesses towards Unser Sir’s polite demeanor and Jury members took only 3 hours to acquit Unser Sr. off all chargers…

To check out Albuquerque’s newest visitor attraction, sans roadblock… Please visit: The Unser Racing Museum

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