Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The Flyin’ Hawaiian is Finally Grounded

As another legend of Indianapolis flames Out…


By now, Y’all have heard of Danny Ongais Death at Age 79. As Ongais passed away in Anaheim Hills, CA on February 26th.


I had the privilege of interacting with whom I called Mr. Interscope briefly nearly 14 years ago when making my trek to Mecca’, aka Mother Speedway to ride aboard the Indy Racing Experience’s 2X Seater.


Following my ride that Hot July summer day, totally on Cloud Nine after this fantastic experience, which Y’all can read another typically long winded No Fenders tome titled Brickyard Flyer below.


Naturally we entered the IMS flagroom in search of some refreshments, and I believe I also ordered lunch. Sitting there, my IMS Sherpa  Daniel Baines Cooper noticed Mr. Interscope who’d he’d seen the night before and tried striking up a conversation with Him at an opposite table. As Danny Ongais was sitting alone trying to eat lunch and really didn’t want to be bothered.


As I scribbled All those years ago, when Danny told Mr. Interscope I’d just ridden the two seater and He could have been my Chauffeur, Ongais curtly replied No Thanks! I’ll stick to Single Seaters!


Thus I came away thinking what a Gruff, Grumpy ‘Ol Man this legendous’ IndyCar Driver was. Which now makes me think of a recent post by another IndyCar blogger over how Aloof the Dude! Ryan Hunter-Reay treated her recently…


All of which makes me marvel over the book I’m re-reading about Paul Newman’s life, and how Newman said I Didn’t sign up to be people’s Friends! As there’s the Private Paul Newman and the public Mr. Newman.


Newman further noted how Distressing it was to Him to have countless people come up and continuously stare at His eyes! And when He resorted to wearing Dark Sunglasses, countless Fans would say Take them Off!


To which Paul described felt to Him like somebody coming up to a woman and saying Take off your Blouse, I wanna See your Tits!


To Mr. Ongais credit, He did answer All of my friend’s questions and was Never rude to us, simply wished to be left alone. Which I’d surmise is Anybody’s prerogative…


And instead of trying to recount All of Mr. Interscope’s accomplishments again, with winning the 1979 24 Hours of Daytona arguably his Biggest. Instead I’ll direct Y’all to my previous No Fenders yarn below.