Monday, March 14, 2022

Put A Sox in It, Nikita!

Especially since You’re Not A Dog of War…


Yeah, what’s that Quaint ‘Ol Saying about Politics and Sports Don’t Mix, Eh?


Hey Nikita Good Buddy’, I get It! As you’re having to take it on the Chin for your leader Invading Ukraine and Killing countless Unresponsible Civilians! But somehow I’m guessing you’re nice ‘N comfy, Warm and Dry with Clean linens, Dining on Fine Food, perhaps some Beluga Caviar, Steak Tar Tar washed down with a glass or three of Dom Perignon? Along with an ample supply of Russian Vodka, Ritz Crackers and Toilet Paper…


With No Mortars, Cluster Bombs or large calibre Shells or Bombs raining Down from the Skies Upon You Hourly!


Speaking of Formula 1 right now, if Y’all cannot tell? I’m super Peeved with Nikita Mazepin, previously the lone Russian formula 1 driver, who’s contract along with his Dad’s Uralkali sponsorship were terminated Saturday March 6th by the American based Haas F1 Team they were associated with.


As I understand Nikita being upset over not being able to compete under an FIA Neutral Flag. But this 23yr old’s Bellyaching about how He’s been treated so “Poorly” by Haas, Doesn’t feel He could ever feel Safe racing for them again and is considering legal actions is All Horseshit! Like seriously? Could you ever truly be “Neutral” Nikita?


His dad is a Billionaire of a Russian Fertilizer company, presumably one of Russia’s biggest? And is a close, personal Allie of Czar Putin’s! And Nikita even has a photo of the three of them smiling for the camera on his Instagram site, which I’d Arse-sume He’s proudly left upon it! So what does this spoiled Brat expect?


Boo Hoo Hoo! So you’re not in Formula 1 Any more, Big Fucking Dealio Exclaim!How about the currently 2 million Ukrainian Refugees, ironically as of Thursday, March 10th, when Formula 1 was off serenely testing in the Desert Kingdom of Bahrain. Since surely this ridiculous number, the largest since World War II will continue Growing! As these  Millions of Displaced Ukraine civilians numbers will only increase, with another Half Million Added on Friday, March 11th you Pompous, Entitled 23 year old  JackArse!


Hey Nikita, may be you should go get a “V” for victory tatoo to Drown your Sorrows, Eh?