Monday, March 21, 2022

IndyCar Delays Hybrid Motors until 2024

As will this allow Indy Cars to potentially have a third Engine Partner on the Grid, finally?


Just another IndyCar tidbit  to get caught up upon, which presumably Y’all probably know already! As Sorry Kiddoes’, I’ve got Zero Clue how the One lane PJ1 Traction Compound “slippery liquids” Texas Oval track race went, nor any of the others this past weekend…


Naturally after I’d posted my thoughts upon whether or not the new for 2023 IndyCar Hybrid motors would happen. We know that IndyCar’s wisely decided to wait a further year due to All of the Supply chain and Technical issues regarding having reliable new 2.4-liter V-6 turbocharged Hybrid engines available for the entire IndyCar Grid.


In another typical Marshall Pruett Racer article, the four IndyCar Drivers testing their 2023 “Mule” chassis All emphatically said the same thing. Bring out the New Dallara chassis along with the new Hybrid lumps!


While Mike Hull, Chip Ganassi Racing’s General Manager said what I’ve already stated. And No, I’m certainly Not suggesting I’m as Smart as Mr. Hull or any of the other IndyCar Team Owners are!


But why would IndyCar make All of the teams invest millions in updating a decade’s Old Dallara DW12 chassis to accommodate the new Hybrid engines and All of their ancillaries just in order to turn around and have to purchase Brand New Dallara IndyCar chassis a year or two later?


And Fast Eddie’, aka Ed Carpenter said it Best. All of the teams need Firm numbers on Costs, since typically the numbers go Up when implementing something new of this scale…


Yet Josef Newgarden, who tested the Chevy “Mule” at Mid Ohio had an interesting comment. Noting how He thought the Added weight to the “Old Gal” would potentially make driving such a “Boat” difficult for the Average Driver on the IndyCar Grid! Raising an interesting Safety “wrinkle,” and I suppose if taken out of context, could rankle some of his fellow competitors.


Yet I liked Zack Brown’s idea best. Suggesting that Dallara (with IndyCar’s imput) come up with some sort of Financing option over a few years to Help entice Teams into buying Brand New Dallara’s concurrently with the introduction of the new Hybrid engine systemes. Or Heaven’s Forbid, the Engine Manufacturers and IndyCar give All teams further Discouts to do the right thing by introducing a totally New, “Clean Sheet” 2024 Dallara DW24 Hybrid powered racing car!


As Marshall’s article is definitely worth reading…