Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Some F1 Highs and Lows

Psst, Look Over Here, Watch the Birdie! Like what IndyCar Season Opener or Day-Toner’ 500 race, Tweet Tweet…


Have to say I’m Highly intrigued over the timing of some recent formula 1 announcements, most notably how do All of the separate parties involved know to “launch” their respective stories so close together?


First we had the FIA’s much awaited announcement regarding Safety Car Gate in Abu Dhabi, Dropping on the same day la Scuderia were launching Thar 2022 Spec SF-75 chassis, CoInky-dense? Or was this Mohammed Ben Xulayem’s not so clever way of saying Thanks Monsieur Todt for the Fucking Mess you left me!


And Toto Wolff says He’s Happy with the FIA’s resolutions, most notably Getting His Way, Uh Duh! And effectively having now former Formula 1 Race Director Michael Masi Fired…


Yes, I know that the FIA has said it will offer the 44yr old Aussie’ a new role in the FIA, if He so desires to accept it? And I can understand why Ben Sulayem and his Administration felt this was needed, i.e.; Clean Break over last year’s farcical Debacle on Yas Isle, But!


I still feel this sets a very Bad precedent, since to Mwah, it says that the FIA simply Cowtowed to Toto Woff, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes wishes! Meaning when whichever other F1 Team Principal gets Pissed Off at either of the two new F1 Race Directors and Huffs ‘N Puffs?


And whilst this press release was making the rounds globally, along with Sir Lewis saying I Never Said I was Quitting! I just let everybody including my Boss toto Play Y’all As Fools! Uhm, what was that Joe (Saward) about Vitriol, Oops…


Uhm, I meant the Ballyhooed launch of the Mercedes W13 Blah Blah Blah, lookie Thar Y’all! Formula 1 andCOTA, nee Circuit Of The Americas announced a five year extension thru 2026, Tuh Duh!


Then on Friday, SuperMario’, aka Mario Andretti got the Green light from son Mikey A’ to Tweet how his son was ready to pay the $200m as in Millions! FIA Entry Fee to launch his own Formula 1 Team in 2024, Zoinks!


Yes Yes Mario told Racer’s Chris Medland, in regards to Michael Andretti having the funds to pay the $200m entry fee to appease the current 10 F1 Constructors over their loss of Prize Money revenues.


With Mario saying the Engineering, preparations and maintenance of the Cars would All be done from a UK Base, and that Andretti would just build some components at their Indianapolis Shop…


Naturally, colton Herta would most likely be one of the new team’s two drivers, and this seems largely like a Funding and Publicity exercise to Mwah. Since I’ve fallen for this once before with some Stillborn USF1 Outfit and it’s Fast Talker Peter Windsor!


So perhaps I’m being Cynical here? As I’d be totally excited and Happy if Team Andretti truly showed up on the F1 Grid in 2024! And you’d like to think that it would be powered by le Reggie’, nee Renault, since they’re the only Engine Manufacturer with a single Constructor on the Grid currently. And Alpine seems to be getting “It’s House” in Order, so who knows?


But what I really want to know, were the COTA extension and possible Andretti Global F1 Team announcements simply designed to move us away from the narrative of Safety Car Gate? Not to mention only having read Grizzled F1 Journo’ Joe Saward’s take upon the other more pressing FIA matters, i.e.; the new 2026 Engine formulae.


Not to mention Joe, who Knows F1 mentioning a French Rally Car being Detonated by a Bomb in Saudi Arabia during this year’s Dakar Rally, while the FIA said that it was Ok for the Rally to precede! And Saudi Arabia saying they didn’t know what caused the Car’s explosion…


And now on top of this comes a very lukewarm, Milk-toast reply from the FIA on Mikey’s A’s attempt to start his own Formula 1 Team in 2024. With the FIA stating that “It’s currently Not in the position to Consider or comment on Any expressions of Interest or Applications received by potential New Entrant Teams in regards to the FIA Formula 1 World Championship.”


Say What? You’re Not in a “Position” to Consider New Formula 1 Teams? Like isn’t that your Fucking Job! And why are the ten F1 Constructors so worried about more competition? Especially since they All get a ridiculous golden Parachute to “Soften” their potential loss of revenue…


But if we’re really going to believe all of the Hype Liberty media’s trying to Sell us and Drink Ye proverbial Kool Aid, then why wouldn’t the Sport want a second American Flagged Formula 1 team in it’s future?


As I’m just becoming more ‘N more Amazed over how much Formula 1 is Turning Me off these days! El Stupidio Sprint qualifying Duds, Golden child’ (Hamilton) Mainia, and now F1 Team bosses worried about protecting Thar Pocketbooks vs. Adding New Formula 1 Teams, Oh Never Mind!