Monday, July 13, 2020

No Fenders taking Brief Respite

What's that Pixie-the-Wonderdog; WUF-WUF! You say we should go outside for A Walk? WUF-WUF! On the Beach? WUF-WUF! (The Tomaso Collection)
Yeah, I'm taking another Gory Holiday, but this one's been somewhat Forced Upon Mwah...

So I'm somewhat Hesitant to write about this, especially.. C'Mon Yus.. h       P.O.S. Crapola Computing System! Why can you Not keep up with my ridiculously S-L-O-W Typing?

OOPS! I was gonna lament how Ye Good 'Ol Americres' just surpassed 125,000 Deaths Due to the Corona virus when I wrote this, and how Y'all probably Don't give a Bloody Rip, Eh?

But I've been thoroughly Scrammblin' Thy Brains trying to Poond Out copious amounts 'O No Fenders Blog Posts before the All Knowing gOOgle Monster switches us over to its New & Improved Blogger Platform sometime in late June; SIGH!

As A Blind Keyboard Warrior; Err Word Botcherer', I totally rely upon 100% Stable Technology; Uhm, Platforms... Which like Ye Elder Statesman 'O IndyCar Bloggers Decrees, Change Is Bad! Ok?

As I've got Zero Idea what Google's changing now for Change's Sake? Since I suppose they wouldn't need Thar countless IT Boffins' if they weren't constantly changing something, El Correctomundo?

Although perhaps? I Highly Doubt I-T! They'll finally Fix the Uber Annoying tendency of Blogger to Magically Scrunch Embedded Links Text together randomly, Eh? which I've been putting up with for years...

AnyHoo, Since I haven't even been outside lately, or taken a Walk On the Nearby Beaches. And Hopefully will be having multiple company Dropping by, as Summer Slips By. I'll be taking a Brief Break Away from Blogging here at No Fenders.

As Hopefully Blogmeister Miguel can indeed revert the Blogger platform back to the promised Legacy version instead of whatever Google's created now, nee Flash-bang, Swish, Crackle, Kuh-Boom - OOH Colours, Purdy!

Since I'd originally "Toyed" with posting this Tuh-duh! Riveting (PSA) Announcement tomorrow on Gory Bastille Day, but in Ye immortal words of 'Ol Richard Rawlings of Fast 'N Loud Gas Monkey Garage Fame used to Chime weekly: "Let 'er Rip Potater Chip!"


Back Soon Y'all. As Thars certainly enough readin' material in thou Voluminous No Fenders Archives to keep Yuhs entertained!

(Photo c/o J & J Images)