Friday, July 10, 2020

F1: Alonso's return to Renault Closes One more Door for Vettel

As Thars' now only two Formula 1 teams left that presumably would interest Seb'

By now Y'all have heard the riveting News that Fredrico Suave', aka Fernando Alonso has been confirmed as DannyRic's, nee Daniel Ricciardo's replacement at le Reggie' beginning next year.

As Alonso's rumoured to have inked a two year contract at Renault in hopes that the massive F1 Rules Shake-up in 2022 will give him a Fighting chance at further glory, Ci?

Thus I'd surmise that if 'lil Syd Viddle, aka Sebastian Vettel is to remain in Formula 1 next year, it'll only be either with Red Bull or Mercedes, which I doubt will happen. Hence, it must be somewhat Daunting to know you're effectively Washed up at the Age of 33, Ja Volt!

Although obviously I'm just guessing on how the final 2021 F1 Silly Season will wrap-up, but I'm just really not sure why either of those teams would want Vettel, especially since he seems to only be making Sillier 'N Sillier decisions on the Racetrack...