Monday, July 13, 2020

INDYCAR: O'Ward just 6-miles Short of First Win

As what's that 'Ol Classic Psychedelic Rock Song by The Birds 'bout 8 Miles High and When You Touch Down it's Stranger then Known...

Was Absolutely Gutted over Patricio Pato' O'Ward's plight of losing the lead at Sunday's road America Race #2 with just One and A Half laps remaining whilst Slip Slidin' Aways on his worn out Flinstone Alternate rubber compound! Ultimately finishing runner-up.

As it's Funny since I like Felix Rosenqvist and have ever since he showed up in Indy Lights for a brief time notching up three wins before being called back to Europe then as a Mercedes Junior Driver for DTM duty.

Yet I just felt absolutely No Joy over Rosenqvist's maiden IndyCar victory, which he totally deserved. Although a small bit 'O me worried that if Pato won, which I was rootin' for him to do during the entire race with four sets 'o fingers crossed...

Would O'Ward be Peaking too early in his young IndyCar career? Since many Drivers have become Flash in ye Pan's, so to speak, Eh?

And it's even funnier that now Pato's tied with the IndyCar driver he replaced this season for career Poles. As O'Ward and Thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown', aka James Hinchcliffe both have one IndyCar Pole apiece.

Although since Pato's my current Numero Uno IndyCar Driver, Obviously I'm hoping he'll claim his maiden IndyCar victory sometime this year...

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