Monday, July 6, 2020

IMSA: The reds are ah-Coming', And the Pinks, Violets and Blues too

As Sing It Geddy! What Say Ye 'bout Thee Reds?

Nah, Don't worry, i won't go too far down Zed Wabbithole', but is it just Mwah that finds it  Uber Hilarious how Nobody's willing to admit that thou el Stupidio' BOOM-BOOm Fourth 'o July Holiday lionizes the ultimate form of Rioting 'N Looting! Y'all know when some funny type 'O Earl Gray refreshments were Dumped; Oh Never Mind!

Although when I think of the word Red in its various connotations above, my mental Soundtrack immediately Dials Up a great 'lil ditty by the former No Fenders House Band...

And ah One and Ah-Two Geddy!

" A pair of Dancing Shoes
The Soviet's are the Blue

It's the Red's
Underneath your Bed
Lying in the Darkness
Dead Ahead!

And the Mercury's rising
Barometer starts to Fall
You know it gets to Us All...

You see Black & White
I See Red, Not Blue
Can't we Talk about Something else Instead

I See Red-Red..."

Sorry Race Fans, but if you're looking for some Hard Hittin' reporting upon this past weekend's Triple Header 'O Motor Racing, i.e.; IndyCar, Sports Cars and Formula 1, then you'll be Disappointed 'cause I'm simply Knackered as 'Ol Darren Dangermouse' Manning would say!

As I've been Poondin' Ye Keyboard Gory 24/7 the last two weeks-plus in order to hopefully Binge upon partaking copious amounts of Ye Boob-tube's Motor racing return instead...

OOPSADAISY! Had originally intended to type up some witticism 'bout Ye Other Paul revere, Yuhs know the late Band Leader of Paul Revere & The Raiders, who's name just so happened to be Paul Revere! As surely you've heard at least one of Thar Hit Songs from the Groovy 1960's Righto? Like Just Like Me, Kicks, Hungry, Good Thing or Him or Me, What's it Gonna Be. Hmm? Why does that last song title make me think of Meatloaf's rendition instead?

Since I thought I'd read somewheres' previously that when the IMSA Weathertech SportsCar Championship resumed to racing  at Daytona International Speedway on July 4th, it would be calling the event the Paul Revere 250 in Honour of its past Heritage as a DayToner' Summer event.

Although I must confess I was totally unaware of this History, partially due to falling on a Holiday along with being a Grand Am event, since I was an American Le Mans Series (ALMS) Fan instead; But I Digress...

As the Paul Revere 250 dates Wayback to the late 1960's and originally ran thru 1986, paying Homage to that other Paul Revere, who rode a Horse Yelling Somebody's ah-Coming! And typically began late at night and ended in the early morning hours, A la Messer Revere's Nighttime ride.

The inaugural 1967 SCCA Trans Am event was won by 'Ol Rufus Parnelli Jones in a Bud Moore Mercury Cougar.

From 1968-1972 the race was held under the auspices of NASCAR's Grand American Touring stewardship, before running under the IMSA GT Championship Banner for 10yrs. (1973-83) 

With the winners rostrum reading like a who's Who 'O Motor Racing! With such names as Lloyd Ruby, Pete Hamilton, buck Baker, Hurley Haywood, Hans Joachim Stuck, Al Holbert, Peter Gregg, George Dyer, John Fitzpatrick, Ted Field and Danny Ongais and 'Ol SuperTex', nee Anthony Joseph Foyt, Jr. partnered with Hurley Haywoodd, as two drivers became the norm in its latter years.

Then in 1984 the race reverted to a single outing under SCCA Pro Racing's Trans Am Championship, where somebody loud 'N brash named Willy T. Ribbs did his Ali Shuffle victory celebration atop his Jack Roush Racing Mercury Capri!

As it's somewhat Funny being reminded that Ribbs rankled his Boss, Ye Cat In Thee Hat' Jack Roush Ah-Mighty'. Causing Roush to once order Scotty Scooter' Pruett in another Trans Am race to Spin Out Willy even though Pruett was two laps Down. Which afterwards, Ribbs allegedly punched Pruett!

The next two years, the race was for Scooters', under the banner of the AMA Championship Cup before finally Petering Out. Hey, I think 'Ol Paul, Uhm actually his trusty Steed was getting plum Wore Out by then; Hya!

The event went on Hiatus until returning as part of the new Grand American Road Racing series beginning in 2000 thru 2009, with the exception of no race being held in 2001.

As Scott Pruett finally added his name to the winner's list, with Co-driver Memo Rojas in Ye Cheepsters', nee Chip Ganassis Riley/Lexus Daytona Prototype in '08.

Current (WTR) Team Owner Wayne Taylor notched his lone W' in 2004 with Co-driver Max "the Ax" Angelelli. As Wayne Taylor Racing will be looking to stretch its winning streak to two in-a-row at Daytona.

Yet not surprisingly, Hurley Haywood holds the record for most wins with four, followed by James Weaver and Max Angelelli both having two W's apiece.

Interestingly, the late Al Holbert scored his lone victory in 1976 behind the wheel of his Nasty Chevy Monza. As what's more Red, White 'N blue during the Bicentennial than a Chebbie' winning at DayToner, Eh?

Whilst on a Karmically Humorous note, after a variety 'O Porsches, including the 911 Carrera RSR, 934, and various Brutish 935 variants had taken turns winning the event. Brumos bought the Naming rights to the race, renaming it the Brumos Porsche 250 for which No Porsche won Afterwards...

Partial Song lyrics from: RUSh
(:The Unofficial No Fenders House Band")
Song: Red Lenses
Album: Grace Under Pressure
Year: 1984