Tuesday, July 28, 2020

INDY 500: Should Fans Really Attend?

And will this be the Year's largest Fishbowl experiment?

Was doing my usual reading; Err listening to Lucy', My Arse-Steamed Screen Reader Coo to Mwah For The Love of Indy's weekly Musings From the Weekend's Monday July 20th Colum, where I thought Raymond had several very Astute Points 'bout Mother Speedway's Controllers and Thar apparent Greediness!

Ironically, this got me to Ah-Wonderin' how Indiana, and more specifically Indianapolis, where some 'lil 'Ol Oval-track at 16th and Georgetown resides was currently doing Health wise?

As the Indianapolis Star reported the very same day, Monday, July 20th that the Indiana State Department of Health had reported 927 New Positive COVID 19 Pandemic Cases, the first time more than 900 Cases had been reported since April 27th, when 963 Positive Corona Virus Cases were announced. Which continued the trend of the prior week seeing increasing case numbers confirmed.

On Thursday (7/23) 954 New Positive Covid Cases were reported. And then on Friday (7/24) the "Ton" Barrier was broken, when the Indiana State Department of Health reported a record single day count of 1,011 Positive Corona Virus Cases.

Also, on Wednesday of the very same week, the White House in a private teleconference singled out Indianapolis amongst 11 Cities, including Nashville, Tennessee to ramp-up their COVID 19 Pandemic Precautions, since their Cities were seeing rises in Case numbers...
Thus is it really wise of El Capitano', nee Roger Penske and IMS to be so Hell Bent upon having up to 175,000 Spectators attend this year's Indianapolis 500 in Close Proximity?

As I also believe the same IndyStar article noted that only 35% of the State's ICU Beds were available, which simply makes me wonder how this trend will improve in less than a month's time, and why IMS is so fiercely opposed to Not lifting the annual Television Blackout policy? Although I suppose this would entice locals to stay home instead?

And I'd love to be able to point Y'all to Greg Doyle's Scathing IndyStar article about how Sports comes First, including the Indianapolis 500 Over Fans Health! But wadda Yuhs know? It's another Capitalistic Money Grubbin', Greediness Freakin' Pay Wall Blocking any access to the Site's Articles; CRAP! As how's Dem Subscription Numbers working out, Eh?

Not to mention overcoming the sacrilege of running this Hallowed event without Fans in Attendance, since they'll either be fringing the Corona Virus with them or taking it Home as a souvenir of attending this year's race...

Yeah, i now know that Mother Speedway's reduced its planned Attendance to only a Svelte 87,500 Fans and will graciously lift the local television Ban for only the fourth time in History, But!

I'll try to keep my visceral Rage towards Thee Idiot in Charge of our good 'Ol United States of Americre' somewhat in check, only saying that if the Buffoon in the White House had actually focused upon a National unified Plan for stopping the COVID 19 Pandemic five months ago, instead of touting there's only 15 Corona Virus Cases in the U.S. and they'll be Gone very Shortly...

But it's quite apparent that He's only interested in making sure All of his properties are at full occupancy and that Air Force One's on Standby to go play Golf anytime He so desires at Maralago; Oh Never Mind!

Yet instead, Sports has been totally Politicized not only as the President's PR Machine, but also Ye Cure All for making us temporarily Forget how Horrific the Deadly Disease in the United States is, now quickly approaching 150,000 American Deaths, the Most in the World!

As i wonder if Roger Penske, at Age 83 will be in Attendance the entire time with His Golden Medal 'O Freedom' around his neck whilst his traveling IndyCar Circus resides at Mother Speedway? And how do you prevent Fans from around the World attending? Like I Dunno, how 'bout somebody from Brazil? Not to mention New York which is now Banning 31 States from visiting the Big Apple.

And why is Sports at the insistence of Corporations Greed making Fans need to choose between their Health vs. some few hours of Entertainment when several millions are about to become Evicted, cannot put Food on their tables or are currently Unemployed? Not to mention presumably unable to pay exorbitant Cable TV Bills, Eh?

As suddenly, I find myself very Turned Off towards this year's impending Indy 500! And what the real reason is for necessitating Ye Show Must G-O On! Hurry-Hurry-Hurry! Get your COVID 19 Hot Dogs Here; Oh Never Mind...