Thursday, July 9, 2020

LE MANS: It would be Great if Porsche returns to Top flight Sports Car Prototypes racing

But will It Happen? Only time will tell...

Yeah, I know I've been Droning On 'n On 'bout Sports Cars lately, which I suppose is largely due to the fact that Open Wheel Racing really doesn't turn thou Crank right now. And I'm not even really sure if I care about this year's racing season? Since it'll be totally surreal watching; Err listening to a Formula 1 race for the first time in 217 Gory Days!

Provided I Don't have Company in town for the very first time this year due to that Blasted Corona Virus Outbreak! Which is partially why I'm busy Bangin' out No Fenders stories left 'N right currently...

Hmm, Funny Discovering that's 41 Days shorter than Indy Cars El Stupidio' 2019-2020 Offseason, since it's been since December 1st when I'm pretty certain I fell Asleep during that Sleep inducing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Snoozer! While I currently Don't know if I'll get a chance to watch the July 5th F1 Season Opener; But I Digress..

As it was a long, long time ago when I  read Racer's Steven Kilby's article divulging that Porsche was considering an LMDH Prototypes programme, albeit then still awaiting the ACO and IMSA's final rules proposal in order to apparently figure out how much it would cost for Porsche to return to Top-flight Sports Car racing.

Yet naturally, like everything else during our current COVID 19 Pandemic, News upon this decision seems to have gone silent, especially since the final Rules Package has been Delayed...

Whilst Racer's Marshall Pruett notes that Ford, Lexus and McLaren are also sniffing about future LMDH projects...

But this story got me thinking, Yeah, Shush Y'all! Over what I've long thought is Ford's mistake currently, having eschewed itself completely from Sports Car racing. And when they did return with the latest rendition of their iconic Ford GT in 2016, they went for second tier GTE Pro Class Honours instead of Bucking Up and going for Outright Glory instead!

This news also makes me wonder in spite how wonderful it would be to have Ferrari racing in IndyCar's, I somehow Don't see that happening, since I think they're only really interested in the Indianapolis 500.

But why not instead focus upon a return to Top-flight Prototypes; Err Le Mans Daytona Hybrid (LMDH) racing instead?

Especially since if I'm interpreting this new category's intensions correctly, then la Scuderia, nee Ferrari would be able to contest the Rolex 24, 12 Hours of Sebring, Le Mans and Petit Le Mans amongst other races with a single chassis.

While I've now refreshed Thy Memory over the new "rules requiring a "mandatory" use of a Spec Hybrid system producing 40-50bhp,. Will IndyCar be wise enough to make it the same Spec Unit, since I believe that's the same minimal power output quoted by IndyCar, El Correctomundo?

Or at the very least compatible with this new LMDH category, which would give Auto Manufacturers even more Bang for their Buck! And further solidify costs and equipment further enticing participation in both Sports.

Alas, in this perfect Fantasy world, either Porsche would become Indy Cars third OEM Engine Supplier. Or even Zanier yet. The Ferrari Sports Car engine could also be "Badge" Engineered for Alfa Romeo to return to IndyCar for a second, Uhm third and hopefully far more successful go around in Open Wheel Racing! Leaving the door open for Scuderia Ferrari to contest the Indy 500 as a "One-off" Works effort.

Although I have No idea how FIAT-Chrysler's merger with PSA/Peugeot would effect this purely Hypothetical engine programme. And Yeah, I know that Ferrari's been Spun Off from its former "Parent Company" FIAT-Chrysler. But I'm pretty certain it's still controlled majorly by the Agnelli Family that also has strong linkage to FCA and Alfa Romeo, Righto?

Meanwhile, one new manufacturer Definitely taking the Hypercar plunge is the small, boutique Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus concern, which has previously announced it will make its race Debut at the 2021 Super Sebring outing, Arse-sumedly for just the WEC portion, since I Don't think it's car will be eligible for IMSA competition until 2022.

Whilst I've since attempted once again gleaming a 'lil more understanding of the proposed LMDH-LMH Hypercars Converging intent for the 2022 FIA World Endurance Championship Season, albeit I'm Arse-sumin' it's still somewhat As Clear as Mud On A Rainy Day for All involved, eh?

As this Dated January 24th Racer article by Marshall Pruett (below) claims that the new LMDH class will indeed require a Hybrid system on the vehicles rear wheels. Along with four designated chassis suppliers allowed With each Auto manufacturer permitted to distinguish said chassis with design queues mimicking their desired vehicle for Brand recognition.

Whilst I've read elsewhere the two Prototypes categories, the FIA's World Endurance Championship's LMH category which goes into service in September 2021, and the IMSA Weathertech SportsCar Championship's LMDH category, also known informally as DPi 2.0 which begins with the 2022 Rolex 24 will be equalized beginning in 2022 by the Dreaded BoP (Balance of Performance) system...

As stay tuned Kiddoes', Sports Car racing Big Boyz' category's set to get a whole lot more interesting soon! Like beginning next year in Europe...