Friday, July 3, 2020

F1: The Racetrack in Austria's Full Of Music!

Although No word on whether or Not Nabisco's Snack Thins are ye Official' Cracker of the Red Bull Ring?

Or if Thee Ghost of Julie Andrews will be Haunting the race circuit in Spielberg, Ja-Ja? Since I'm Arse-sumin' everybody knows 'bout Formula 1 finally returning to real Honest to Goodness live racing this Sunday in Austria, as the first half of its Ghost Races Double Header outing, Righto?

And I must confess, I've rather enjoyed Formula 1 being on Hiatus, Not missing it One Bloody Iota! Especially since I Fear we're in for another Dull rendition of Ye Lewis Hamilton Show this year. Y'all know when Golden Child wins every Freakin' F1 race; YAWN!

As the only two legitimate threats towards stopping the Golden Child Juggernaught are Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Ferrari's Charles Leclerc. Since Valtteri Bottas has constantly proved he's only a Number 2 Wingman at the mighty Silver Arrows, Ja Volt!

And I'm inching ever closer to making Alexander Albon my new Numero Uno F1 Pilote ahead of Bottas, even though I know that Red Bull is One Zillionth percent a Max Verstappen team! And Albon's supposed to be a dutiful No. 2 Junior Birdman. Although I'm hoping he'll surprise us All by winning his Debutante Grand Prix this year... 

Otherwise, the only other F1 Pilote who can possibly throw a Cat amongst Ye Pigeons intermittingly has to be la Scuderia's 'lil Syd Viddle, in what will be Seb Vettel's final season in scarlet Overalls. As who will I have to Kick Around next season?

Yet obviously Monsieur Chuck Luh-Cluck', nee Messer Leclerc will wish to establish his superiority over Vettel as he prepares to take over the Numero Uno Driver role in 2021, although naturally both Scuderia Ferrari Drivers hope to come out swinging in what's possibly being denoted as a B Spec chariot.

The final Factory effort on the grid, le Reggie' seems to be a bit of a mystery right now. As most of the noise surrounding Renault has focused upon DannyRic' aka Daniel Ricciardo leaving at the end of season for McLaren, which seems like a Sideways move to Mwah at best?

As Renault features only one of the two F1 Teams sporting different Driver lineup's this season, with Esteban Ocon returning from last year's sabbatical as Mercedes "Simulator Jockey;" Err Test/Reserve Driver.

But obviously McLaren will once again be plotting to upset Ye Renault Werks' outfit a la last season when their customer Reggie PU's, nee Power Units powered them to fourth place in the vaunted F1 Constructors Championship with Young Lions Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz Jr. presumably aiming for Podium finishes this year.

Otherwise, with No Disrespect intended. It simply looks like a Crapshoot for the other five Midfield runners, i.e.; Alfa Romeo, Haas, Racing Point, Toro Rosso; Err Scuderia Alpha Tauri and Team Willy' in alphabetical order.

And I really cannot say I'm even remotely impressed with Toro Rosso's Name-change, which is purely for marketing reasons, since I've grown somewhat fond of the Toro Rosso moniker, albeit preferred 'em as Minardi instead!

And speaking 'O Team Willy, now just plain Jane Williams Racing at the moment, as they ponder selling the storied Williams Grand Prix Engineering operation, Yikes!

I'm hoping that Williams can finally nudge its way up Ye Pecking Order a Wee Bit this year, especially for George Russell's Sake! Not to mention would surely entice potential investors, Righto?

As Williams will have the only F1 Rookie on the grid this season, with the promotion of Nicholas Latifi from the team's Reserve Driver to replacing the departed Robert Kubica.

As Latifi, who finished runner-up in last year's FIA Formula 2 Championship after four seasons, will contest his maiden F1 season campaigning a familiar number. As his Williams FW43 will sport the No. 6 which previously was somebody named Nico Rosberg's number!

Yet it seems that the 2021 Silly Season Driver Market has gotten the Bulk of Ye Media's Spotlight during this very long racing pause, which surely - Nah, No Shirley Temple Jokes Here; Hya! Yuhs already know 'bout Carlos Sainz Jr. to Ferrari and Ricciardo to McLaren next year.

But as I think it was 'Ol Bob Varsha who used to say? First Y'all Need to G-O Racing in order to Finish the race or something to that effect, Eh? As I'll leave Y'all with my originally riveting 2020 No Fenders season preview instead...