Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hawaiian Drivers...

Although I find I-T nothing but Co-inky-dense', nonetheless, I've managed to meet both past Indy 500 drivers from the Hawaiian Islands, albeit my encounters were overly brief.

As I'll never forget the overly gruff Mr. Ongais, when interrupting him nearly a decade ago during his meal in the Flagroom. But to his credit, Ongais was polite and chatted with us briefly, before wishing to return to his meal, which was probably gettin' cold!

As Danny's prowess of driving anything with wheels, including stints in IMSA Sports Car competition, alongside his benefactor Ted Field got me ponderin' that obscure trivia Questione whilst poondin' away on my Sebring retrospective story recently.

Trivia Questione
Besides Ongais, what other drivers have raced in Formula 1, the Indy 500 and the 12 Hours of Sebring?

F1/Indy 500/Sebring treble Drivers
Mario Andretti; 1967 winner, Michael Andretti, Derek Daly, Mark Donohue, Christian Fittipaldi, George Follmer, Masten Gregory, Dan Gurney, Graham Hill, Phil Hill; 1958 winner, David Hobbs, Denny Hulme, Bruce McLaren; 1967 winner, Sam Posey; 1975 winner, Bobby Rahal; 1987 winner, Peter Revson and Jackie Stewart.

As the list above is just what I could think up off of My Noggin', with the exception of Christian Fittipaldi, before arduously reviewing each candidate's name above.

Whilst I've got NO idea who I've missed? For which Y'all are welcome to address via commenting...

As I find this an interesting Questione since although Daytona's Rolex 24 gets A-L-L the Hype! And publicity as Sports Cars Crown Jewell Stateside, for Mwah, only Real Racers run at Sebring!

The "Other Hawaiian," nee IndyCar driver who seemingly gets overlooked, unfortunately just passed away recently when he accidently tipped over his crane at a remote worksite nearby Silverton, Colorado.

As I had the opportunity to "Meet 'N Greet" Mr. Alsup during a  "conga-line" autograph session during the 2012 Legends Day outing at Mother Speedway, where I acquired his John Hancock.

Ironically, there's an Alsup name plastered all over late 1970's Sebring 12 Hours race results, along with a Rutherford. As ARSE-Sumedly it's the same late Bill Alsup.

Meanwhile, I've got zero idea if anythingys' ever progressed on the Kona Motorsports Park project, for which I last heard of nearly two years ago. But then again Kona's on Island Time, so who knows, eh?